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Instagram is a visual blog. You can express your feelings and thoughts with both visual and textual in one post. With millions of users, Instagram has huge powers of influence.

Where comes this influence from? Across the globe, there are over 800 million Instagram users and more than 500 million of whom use Instagram every single day, sharing more than 250 million piece of content each day. These are huge numbers. There is no distinction on your audience about their gender, age, professions, nationality etc. Just with one post, you can easily access them whenever you want. Thanks to this accessibility, Instagram has gained huge power of influence and many sectors and businesses started to get benefit from this.

In marketing, the first rule is customer’s satisfaction. Without customers’ demand, none of business can really work or sell their products. After all, businesses need is to know what people will buy. Without knowing what people are thinking, marketers can only guess. These guesses based on data.

When you post about your product on social media page, people will comment about your product. And when you answer these questions, a conversation will happen. After this, people who read these conversations, feel attached to your business because they got interested in your story, and that story is being told in the dialog of the comment section. If nobody is commenting on your post, you can’t promote your products to public.

Both negative and positive comments on Instagram affect your products in market. Even for personal account, comments are important cause they catch potential new followers and give more interaction on social media.

More comments on your Instagram channel is a sign the brand has built popularity, mainly because of posting interesting content that many people loved. This is one of the parameters that should count as it shows a rich community that can be converted to buy your products.

You can choose the natural way to drive this engagement. This is a long process and you can achieve this or maybe not. As one of the biggest social platforms, Instagram has attracted marketers and businesses. This engagement on Instagram is a key factor and it shows how people are responding to the effort made by the brand, and that is why you should work on delivering high quality content.

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