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Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe And Legal To Buy Instagram Followers/Likes/Comments?
Is There Any Risk Of Suspension, Removal Or Block Of My Instagram Account When I Buy Followers/Likes/Comments?
Am I Going To Give You My Password?
What Information Do I Need To Give?
Do You Provide Real Instagram Followers/Likes?
Will The Followers That I Buy Unfollow Me After A Few Months?
What Will Be Done If The Process Of My Order Fails? Is There A Money Back Guarantee?
Do I Have to Follow The Followers Which I Bought?
Is it Necessary For You To Log in To My Social Media Account(s)?
Why Is It Necessary to Set My Account Open To Public?
I Realized That My Account Was Set To Private After I Made Order. What Will Happen?
I Set My Account To Private By A Mistake During The Process. What Will Happen?
What Kind Of Payment Methods Are Included?
Which Credit/Debit Cards Are Accepted By Your System?
If I don’t have a Paypal Account, Can I use My Credit/Debit Card Anyway?
Is There A Right Of Refund?
Is It Possible To Cancel And Ask For A Refund After I Give My Order?
I Didn’t Like Followers Which Have Been Sent. Is It Possible To Delete Them From My Account?
When Can I Have the Followers/Likes/Comments I ordered?
Although I Made An Order For Instagram Followers/Likes From BuyInstagramFollowers.Org, I Didn’t Get Order Confirmation E-Mail.
How Can I Contact You?
What Can I Do If I Haven’t Still Received Any Followers/Likes that I Ordered Before A Few Hours?
Is It Effective To Buy Instagram Followers And Likes?
What Is BuyInstagramFollowers.org?
What Is The Reason That I Prefer You?
Can You Explain Why Should Someone Buy Followers?
Why Should Anyone Buy Likes?
Can I Get Auto-Likes For My Recent Posts?
Where Do You Take The Followers To Send To Instagram Users?
What Is The Quality Of Your Instagram Likes When Compared To Your Rivals?
Do You Make Discounts or Refunds? If Yes, How and When?
I Have Just Made An Order For Followers/Likes/Comments. Then, what will be done?
Will I Be One Of Those Who Are Popular On Instagram?
Will My Photos Be Liked and Commented By The Followers?
Can You Explain The Type of Services You Provide?
Are There Any Types Of Instagram Accounts You Don’t Accept?
What Is The Minimum Number Of Instagram Followers Or Likes That Can Be Ordered To Be Sent To An Instagram Account/Pics?
What Is The Maximum Number Of Instagram Followers Or Likes That Can Be Ordered To Be Sent To An Instagram Account/Pics?
Is the Price I Pay When I Order Monthly Fee or One-Time Price?
What Will I Do After I Make My Order?
Who Can We Contact In Case Any Problem/Issue Occurs?
Will Your Customer Support Will Continue After I Order Your Service, Even If It’s Only Once?
I Read All Of The FAQS But Couldn’t Find An Answer To My Question. Who Can I Contact To Ask My Question?