No, we don't need your password and we never will. Customer privacy means much to us, so we won't share information about your purchases to any third-parties.

Of Course! You can buy followers/likes and comments 100% securely and it is totally appropriate for Instagram terms of use. Our service provides you to have Real and high quality followers. We also take some precautions not to violate Intagram policies.

We are sure that our service is legal and safe as we made research on surveys, reviews and tests. There haven’t been any problems related to the sales of followers, likes and comments up to now so that we have no doubt about its legality and safety. Another reason is that it would be easy to beat your competitor when you buy followers, likes or comments for him. And we don’t think there will be any change on this rule.

Absolutely not! Your account is at no risk of being suspended. During our our service, we haven’t had any complaints related to this issue from our customers who order our service. We provide service that is appropriate for the terms of use and we have successfully sent millions of followers to our customers in a short period of time.

We made research about our service at first, we did many tests, surveys and marketing campaigns to improve our service and get the best results for Instagram. We have several types of customers including businesses, musicians, bands, models and some politicians. We are proud that all of them have been satisfied up to now.

No. We take importance on privacy very much and never ask your password. One of our main purposes is to keep your trust and we strongly advice you not to give your password or any other personal information to anyone.

In this kind of situation, your order may be accomplished partially or not at all. Nonetheless, our system can detect it and we get notified. Then, we will notify you. It is simple that you can contact us and we will complete your process successfully. All you need to do is to be sure that your Instagram profile is open to public before and during the process to get all Instagram followers or likes you ordered. When your process is done, you get a message and then you can your profile to private if you want.

You can make payment via Paypal or credit/debit card linked to it.

All credit/debit cards that are accepted by Paypal such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express are accepted by our system.

Yes, you can. First, you need to click the “Pay by PayPal” button in the item description. Then click on the “Pay with a debit or credit card, or Bill Me Later” option. As soon as you click, you will be redirected to another page. You can complete your payment process with debit/credit card on this page. When payment process is done, there will be an option to save your credit/debit card information in a new Paypal account.

You have a right of refund only if we don’t complete your order in 12 hours after you purchase. So, if your order is completed successfully there will be no refund.

Refund is possible if your process hasn’t been started, yet. However, if your order has been started and in process, it is not possible to refund.

No, unfortunately we can’t do something like that and undo your process.

Once you make your payment, your followers/likes will be sent after 30-50 minutes. Generally, it is done more quickly. But, we should also say that sometimes it may take up to 6 hours to complete your order due to the number of orders that are in process. If the number that you order is high, progress will be longer. Just as those kind of orders usually take between 2 and 6 hours, smaller orders will be completed in 30 minutes.

Your confirmation e-mail may be in spam folder, so you should check it first. If it is not there, you can check other e-mail accounts that are included in your Paypal account. If you still haven’t found any order confirmation mail, you can contact us.

There are two ways to contact us, there is live chat area which is on the bottom right corner of this page. Another way is to use contact form page.

It is necessary to give your Instagram username or the link of photo to us to send you followers/likes. There is no need to give any other information. It takes so short. Once you give required information and make payment we will start processing your order in 30 minutes.

First of all, you should check your account if it is set to private. If it is set to private, which is the reason why you haven’t received any followers/likes. So, you need to set it open to public and that let us know. Even if your account is set to public and there aren’t any followers/likes sent, you should let us know to detect and fix the problem.

Definitely yes. If will be very effective to buy Instagram followers and likes considering the outcome of it. You can earn much more than the amount you paid for Instagram followers/likes. Most of our customers had huge amounts of visitors so that they increased their revenues with the increase of their web traffic, sales and trademark value.

Our company has a great reputation around the world with its quality service in social marketing. There many rivals of us. But when compared to our service quality and prices, they aren’t better than us. Although some of them have a quality service like us, they want big prices!

As a company, our aims are to satisfy your needs, provide you best quality service at lowest prices. We do our best to provide you likes and followers. We have also quality staff, e-commerce software and successful customer care center. Our service include:

Several types of products/services,
Quality order experience,
Fast product/service delivery,
Fast reply to messages. takes much importance on comfort, safety and satisfaction of its customers. We think that they are the most important factor of our success. Dear customers, we provide you 24/7 live support so that you can contact us any time you want.

What most of the society think is important in both real world and on internet. It is important to have a lot of followers on any social media platform so that you can interact with more people. On the other hand, if you haven’t got much followers you can’t be popular on social media. As Instagram is the most popular one around social media platforms it is great opportunity for individuals as well as businesses to increase their revenues.

It is easy for you to become popular with our services. As we provide you high quality followers/likes you will get popular and your dreams may come true. We have different kinds of packages for those who have different kinds of purposes and needs. Whatever you work on your own or you have company or trademark you can take our service and reach your goals.

If you get too low likes and views that means you are realized by few people on social media. Likes are so important that they are the sign of your popularity. So, while you get more likes, your popularity will also increase and you will reach more people.

One of ways of increasing your likes is to buy likes. In this way, you will have more chance to reach people. If you run a business, you will find more followers and potential customers. We offer you our service for reasonable prices so that you can increase your popularity and earn more revenue.

Yes. you can get likes to your latest posts with our service.: Auto-like Order

As we have more than 2 million followers and 300 accounts to provide, we can send our followers to customers. We have improved our business in years to make it work at reasonable prices. We have a source to pull followers and also our team works on latest Instagram techniques.

Here at we offer high quality followers and likes to our customers. As we improved our services in years, we are good at our job. We offer high quality service at lowest prices. Apart from that, we have partnership with other websites so that we can increase the popularity of our clients’ profiles. is sure that prices are so reasonable for your budget. Because of that there are no discounts for our services. However, we send refunds under necessary circumstances. For instance, if you don’t like our service because it took more than 12 hours to send your followers/likes, you will be refunded. Besides, if you want to cancel your order before process has been started, you will be refunded.

One of our main purposes is to satisfy our customers’ needs. So, we guarantee that unless the ordered amount of followers/likes are provided or your order doesn’t get started in 12 hours, we will pay your money back.

First of all, we advise you to be patient. That is the most important thing. We check every order we get one by one, not automatically. Because we care high quality service. Because of that, it may take between 30 minutes and 6 hours according to the size of your order. After you make your payment, verify the e-mail which is related to your Paypal account. During this process it is necessary not to make changes on your Instagram account. Because our system can’t access your profile if it is set to private.

Of course it is possible. Your profile will get more visitor, followers/likes. So, it will get more popular. However, it is not all. You need to do some extra effort to make it more popular.

There is no guarantee that every new follower will like or comment your photos. It is all up to the quality of your posts. If they are interesting, people will like or comment it. While you share interesting posts and you post them regularly, of course they will take people’s attention. You will get new followers. Nonetheless, most of real followers we provide often tend to like or comment your photos.

We provide a great variety of services. You can look below to see all of them.

Yes, we don’t accept some accounts which aren’t appropriate for the policies of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube. We won’t accept these kinds of accounts:

  • Profiles that contain pornographic content,
  • Profiles including violent or hate content,
  • Profiles related to gamble.

Those are particular ones. However, any other accounts which have content violating the terms of use of the mentioned social media platforms and aren’t included in the list will not also be accepted. So, we have our right to stop our service to any account which isn’t appropriate for the policies of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

The minimum numbers are 20 followers per each Instagram account, 20 likes per each picture and 5 comments per each picture. You can take a look at “PRICES” page to see the full list of rates and limits.

There isn’t a specific maximum number yet as there is being fluctuations on it. Before, we could send more than 500,000 followers to an account, more than 200,000 likes and 2,000 comments to a pictures. When you contact us about a specific amount we can let you know if our system can provide it or not as soon as possible.

You can be sure that our fees are only for one-time. No extra amount will be charged later.

You just need to sit back and relax! Our social media specialists will take the necessary steps according to your order. Your profile will start to get followers/like soon.

We offer 24/7 live support for our customers. In case any problem or issue you can contact us. We will help you to fix the problem with our knowledge and experience as soon as possible.

There are 2 types of followers that we send:

  • Real followers: We provide you real and active Instagram followers/likes with our quality service. Your profile will be more active with those followers we send as they like your posts and make comments under them. However, there is a possibility that some of them (not more than 5%) may unfollow you.
  • Real-looking followers: We provide you another option which is cheaper. We send followers which seem real. Of course, they never unfollow you and the number of your followers will seem much.

Of course! We are confident that we provide the best customer service. You can be sure that you will get the best support even you make order once. We have been improving our business for many years. Although we are good at our business, we still continue to improve it and looking for ways of doing it better. We are open to feedback, comments and suggestions. You can contact us any time you want. So, you can feel free to ask your questions. We will be ready to help you.

You can contact us via the Contact page.

That is up to the type of the followers. If they are real followers, they (not more than %5) may unfollow you. However, the number of real-looking followers will never decrease as they don’t unfollow you as long as you don’t ignore them. But there may be between 2% and 5% decrease due to the reason of Instagram updates. When this happens, inform us and we guarantee to send the amount of followers which is lost. Our guarantee is for 24 months.

Nope. When you purchase followers, all that is left for you to do is to continue posting interesting and lively content to keep them active on your page. If you are not active on your page, some followers may opt to unfollow you but you will never be expected to follow them in return.

Absolutely not! We never ask your account’s password. A link to access your account or username will be enough for us to find you.

Only if your account is set to public, our system can reach it and send you followers, likes and comments you ordered.

Don’t think about that! It is simple to fix it and you will get your order. First, our system checks your profile if it is set to public or private and if it is private an e-mail is sent to your e-mail address which is listed on the Paypal account. It is written that you need to set your profile public in order to complete your process. Once you do that, you can reply the e-mail as well as contact us.

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