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The rise of Instagram is unpreventable, and it shows. Since its launch, more and more people started to use the highly trendy application for either personal or business-related purposes. It is not that challenging to see that this rise of popularity came to life with some cons and pros for content creators. Competition for getting discovered by masses is an all-time high. As a result, it became a lot important for aspiring creators to buy Instagram followers for their works to thrive.

Why Should I Buy Instagram Followers

Why You Should Buy Instagram Followers?

With acting to buy Instagram followers for your account, you can validate the value of your account. As we know today, an average social media user will decide to follow or ignore your content at the very first glance; you have to give some reasons to follow you among all other aspiring and talented content creators. People do not wish to spend their already limited time on an account with no followers, no likes, and no comments.

They are right to feel that way. You cannot buy time, even if you offer all the money in the world. However, you can persuade them to spend their time on your content.

Nevertheless, how can you do that?

You can buy Instagram followers for the cheapest prices in the whole industry with our beloved company: BIF!

Just do not forget us when you are living your best life with all the power you got from being an influencer on Instagram.

We mean it. 

Do I Have to Buy Instagram Followers?

Actually, it all depends on what you want to achieve. If you wish to gain an organic following base, then yes, taking action to buy Instagram followers is a decisive step to go. If you are running a business or a brand and desire to gain potential customers, then yes, too, acting to buy followers for Instagram will not hurt you. The point is being clear on what you want from our social media services and acting decisively with your thoughts.

The thing is, buying Instagram followers will not hurt you in any way. It is not prohibited to the best site to buy followers on Instagram, and you will probably enjoy increasing your engagement rate. Purchasing social media services is a topic where people confuse themselves the most. It is entirely free to try, and we do not require you to do any time-consuming, pointless surveys. So, you can try it for yourself and decide for yourself; after all, it is free to get your first 50 Instagram followers. Free stuff is good stuff.

Buy Instagram Followers, Comments and Likes

Your social media accounts are going to fly through the roof, thanks to our site. We guarantee it!


Instagram’s algorithm rewards high engagement rates and encourages people to interact with each other. After you buy Instagram followers instantly, you are going to trick this algorithm somehow, and it will suggest you to more people. Successful content creators can even get their posts to be featured on Instagram’s famous ‘Explore’ page. It is so hard to be unsuccessful with social media after these steps.

How to Buy Followers on Instagram

It is easier than buying bread at your local shop, and the process will not take more than five or ten minutes. First things first, you must decide on which plan you are going to buy. There are a lot of packages of Instagram followers for sale, and there is a package for every need and financial plan.

If you are going to buy Instagram followers for cheap, following some simple steps is all you have to do. After your payment process, purchased items generally start to sink into the desired account between 15 to 30 minutes.

  1. Find and open our Buy Instagram Followers service page by browsing through the upper menu.
  2. Enter your Instagram username to the highlighted area below.
  3. Type in the number of followers you want to receive for your account. (Min. 50 – Max. 500.000)
  4. You can see the total cost of your cart below, as it is labeled under the title of ‘Price.’
  5. Click ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’ to continue to the payment process.
  6. After we receive your transaction, we will immediately start to deliver your ordered products.
  7. It is done! You can freely enjoy your real Instagram followers!
Buy Active Instagram Followers

As you see, it does not require much of your time, and your account is entirely safe from any type of perils as we do not ask for your password in any means.

If you take action to buy Instagram followers, chances are you are going to experience a considerable boost in your engagement rates.

  • 24/7 Customer Care Service
  • Almost Instant Delivery
  • 100% Safe Payment Methods
  • Guaranteed Protection In Case of a Decrease
  • Guaranteed Money Refund

Why Should I Buy Instagram Followers?

The honest answer to this question is “Why wouldn’t you?”, there are a lot of good reasons to buy real followers on Instagram, but we cannot think of a single good idea not to. You lose nothing when you buy active Instagram followers, and thanks to Instagram’s famous algorithm, it will not stop with just a batch of followers.

Instagram rewards engagement with more attention. As you receive your followers, your highly engaged account will be suggested to the relevant audience. Just like a snowball, the more you engage with people; the more you will receive in return, and that is why we recommend our customers to interact with other users organically.

You can buy Instagram followers affordable, but you have to keep investing in your account and interacting with people. If you do not drop a tear of sweat and try to get away with mediocre content, you will get stuck with your bought followers and being the next big thing will stay as just a dream.

Also, you should know that BIF is the place to shop with the safest measures in the USA and UK. Our website managed to get bang-on reviews from the users on Reddit. Therefore, you can be sure that all of your bought followers, which you paid a small amount for, will stay on your profile permanently.

What Are the Advantages of Real Instagram Followers?

When you take action to buy active Instagram followers, you are unknowingly making a significant investment in your brand or business. Your potential customers or fans would expect you to serve the best product, content, and services for them — one of the best ways to indicate that quality and hard work is having a lot of followers. You may ask the reasons behind this statement, and you are right to do so. So, let's have a look at how can Instagram followers positively affect your profile.

  • High numbers of Instagram followers will act as social proof for your potential customers and fans. Therefore, you will attract more of them and gain more of their already limited attention span.
  • You will get more organic engagement from your already existing followers as they will be more likely to get related to your success. It will excite them to get mentioned as one of your day one followers. 
  • Your chances of getting sponsorship deals, affiliated market campaigns, and branded content promotions. Additional to that, as if they were not enough, your value as an influencer will increase with the number of followers you have and the engagement you receive. Therefore, it will be much more expensive to hire your partnership.
  • When you pass the 10.000 Instagram followers mark, you will be able to add swipeable links to your Instagram Stories, which will return in almost doubled rates of sales for your business and brand. Also, it will be much more easygoing for you to drive organic traffic to your website.
  • It will be much more likely for you to acquire more followers on your other social media networks. Usually, the number of followers you have on your different profiles grow and decline parallelly. Considering that you are acting to buy authentic Instagram followers, you will gain more followers on your social networks just with a single purchase.
  • With high numbers of Instagram followers, you will definitely get a spot to be featured on the Explore Page of Instagram. In this way, you do not only increase your engagement but you additionally gain more exposure around the globe from real people too.
Buy Real Instagram Followers

What Is the Best Site to Buy Instagram Followers?

There are a lot of sites on the web that claim to give quality service. As a matter of fact, we understand this, and we will claim to provide excellent service too. However, the main point you should want to see is our enthusiasm for the profession. As the BIF team, we love to help people, and we want people to have unforgettable memories with an appreciation of our services.

As the BIF team, we can help you with any type of problems you may encounter on social media, and we guarantee your satisfaction. If you do not get satisfied with our services, we will be happy to compensate for your losses, or we will give you a refund.

So, we proudly recommend ourselves for that task as we’re a young but experienced team on all affairs of social media, and we would like to be dead than give meager and inadequate service. For us, the happiness of our customers is everything we can dream of.

Go in All-American on the race to be the king of social media!

Is It Safe to Buy Fake Followers for Instagram?

Yes, and it has never been safer with our newly updated security system.

Additionally, it would be your best interest to check our Privacy Policy, F.A.Q., and Refund Policy to prevent future problems to occur.

  • Our Customer Care Service Works 24/7

Customers can pay with debit/credit card Visa or PayPal. Just choose your order plan and make your purchase with our online system. If you need help, you can write to us via WhatsApp, Skype, and e-mail.

You can reach us on our website; our live customer service will be happy to help you. provides brilliant social media solutions for brands and individuals.

  • Quick, Instant Delivery

Our service is fast. When we get your payment, we will take your order in action in a short time, and the process will be completed in one hour.

  • The Process Is 100% Safe to Buy Instagram Followers

We don’t require your password for any kind of procedure, and we advise you never share your password with anyone. We possess an SSL certificate, so your payment information is safer than ever.

Does Buying Followers for Instagram Reduce My Prestige?

By increasing the number of followers on Instagram, you can make your profile look more powerful. A more powerful profile image will allow you to share sponsored posts and more people to follow you. Therefore, many people are considering to buy Instagram followers. But many people think of the question: Does buying followers for Instagram reduce my prestige?

The answer is absolutely clear: No. Buying Instagram followers does not adversely affect the prestige of your profile. Because no one else but you will know this transaction. All organic followers will look quite natural. Moreover, all of the followers you purchase will have active Instagram profiles. Therefore, anyone who checks your list of followers or who generally examines your profile will not understand that you have bought Instagram followers.

In case of any problem, you can contact us immediately. Remember, buy Instagram followers service will increase the prestige of your Instagram profile as long as it is purchased from a quality institution. The followers you are buying will allow you to have more followers.

Are There Any Repercussions for Buying Instagram Followers?

You may face some serious problems if you decide to buy Instagram followers from a fraud service. These providers usually have low-quality bot followers without any proper humanizing, and they may get you in trouble big time. The first act of Instagram would be deleting all of those low-quality followers from your profile. In extreme cases, they would directly delete your profile from existence. Therefore, you may lose ownership of your account.

That was the in-app part. If you work with low-quality services, they may steal your password, e-mail and payment information and sell them to third-parties. In this way, if you give out all the information you have without ever second-guessing about it, your account may get stolen. Additionally, you may lose your privacy completely and your financial security through fraud. Therefore, it is important to secure your info.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to any questions you may have in mind about our products and tools. If you can't find your answer at FAQ you can reach us via our live support center without a fee.

No, we don't need your password and we never will. Customer privacy means much to us, so we won't share information about your purchases to any third-parties.

No, we never share your information with any third-parties at all. However, if you only get followers and have no comments and likes on your profile people may realize that you bought followers as it'll be quite obvious for anyone to understand.

If you are a beginner on your Instagram journey, buying regular followers is a better idea as they are modest in price and they provide the numbers you need in order to attract more followers.

However, if you were using Instagram for a while, it'll be wise for you to buy real followers as they can add other engagement metrics to your account other compared to regular followers.

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