What Are We Doing To Speed Up Your Site?

  • Planning the actions to be done by measuring your website speed,
  • Reducing HTTP requests,
  • Minimizing your HTML, CSS, JavaScript files and reducing the size,
  • Performing database cleaning,
  • Processes to speed up server response time,
  • Browser caching (Cache) configurations,
  • Compression of the images,
  • Combining CSS files,
  • Lazy Load adjustments,
  • AMP Installation and Adjustments,
  • Choosing the right theme and suggestions,
  • Server stress test,
  • CDN recommendations,
  • Cloudflare setup and settings,
  • Controlling and minimization of Redirections,

You will obtain many more services like this. We guarantee increase in value on tools such as Google PageSpeed, GTmetrix

Web Site Acceleration
Web Site Acceleration

A good page loading experience is very important for users and search engines. We maximize the performance of your site with page speed optimization.

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