How to Tag Someone on Instagram: Posts, Comments, and More

How to Tag Someone on Instagram: Posts, Comments, and More

Instagram is one of the applications that increase your sociality in the virtual world. There are several ways to communicate with your contacts and other Instagram-registered users through your profile.

Some of the ways are sending messages, liking, and tagging. Moreover, we’ll show you what is tagging, how to tag someone on an Instagram post, and how can we tag someone on a share or comment today.

What Does Instagram Tags Stand For

One of the most useful features in Instagram is tagging. With this simple feature, you can tag the profiles to your posts.

Instant notification goes to the people you’ve tagged, and the sharing you’ve made becomes part of their profiles. Although it is a useful feature, most users either don’t know it or don’t want to use it.

what does Instagram tags stand for

Why Should I Use Instagram Tags

You can use it to develop your audience, you think your shared photos are related to some people and tagging them will bring you to the right people in the same way as using hashtags.

Thus, the Instagram pages will see your tag; if they like your photo, they will share their accounts and direct their followers to you.

This will allow you to reach your target audience through other tagged accounts, even if they are not your followers.

If you act with the knowledge of Instagram usage limits, you can reach your target audience more effectively and in a short time.

When to Tag People on Instagram

Within the Instagram application, there are times when tagging is to be performed. Cases subject to these rules are; it is possible to make tags through options such as the competitions, in a venue or trip, tagging the brands or institutions where products are used, tagging of business partners or colleagues.

Alternatively, If you re-sharing other users’ posts on your profile, you can tag the original content owner to let them know that their content has been shared. There are some situations on Instagram when we need to avoid making too many tags.

Although it is known that tag feature has various benefits for both individual users and brand users, it can have severe damages on a profile.

Continuously tagging an account during the day, or tagging too many accounts to a post can cause a violation of terms. That’s why you need to tag real people when you are tagging on Instagram.

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when to tag people on Instagram

How Do I Know If I’m Tagged on Instagram

First of all, let’s specify that your photos and videos in which you are tagged on Instagram, can automatically appear on your profile, or you can choose to add them yourself.

If you choose to add photos and videos yourself, only the photos and videos you have approved will appear in your profile.

In the default setting, when someone tagged you in a photo or video, the photo or video is automatically added to your profile.

If you or other users have been tagged, the tagged person will be notified with an instant notification that they are tagged.

You can see the tagged post at your profile. When you look at the tagged person’s profile, you can see the tagged photo on the far right of the top icons.

Also, if the tagged post is not related to you and is an inappropriate or a spam post, you can remove the tag from this share to prevent it from appearing on your profile.

How to Tag Someone on an Instagram Post

It’s quite easy. When you upload your post on Instagram, you’ll see an option called “Tag People” just below the area where you type the description or caption of your share.

  1. When you click on this option, you will see a new screen where you can tag any person you want.
  2. In this section, you can tag the person you want to tag or the relevant profile, to the highlighted field on the screen.
  3. When you click where you want to tag, you can tag your friends by typing the name of their account.
  4. If you want to relocate the tag later, you can easily do so, or remove the tag completely.
  5. If you want to tag after sharing, you will see the “Tag” option in the corner of the photo from the menu that appears with the edit option by tapping the three dots below your post. When you tap on this option, you will perform the tagging process, as we mentioned above.
How many people can you tag on an Instagram post?

One way to increase likes is to tag other accounts. Therefore, you may be wondering how many people can be tagged on Instagram. You can tag up to 20 people to a post on Instagram; unfortunately, you can’t tag more people.

Can you manually select which tagged photos on Instagram will appear on your profile?

To manually select the photos and videos that appear on your profile, first go to your profile and tap the three-line icon. Then touch Settings. Then select Photos and Videos You’ve been Tagged. Finally, tap Auto Add or Add Yourself.

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If you want to receive further assistance for this topic, you can do some reading on the official Instagram Help Page.

how to tag someone on an Instagram post

How to Tag Someone on an Instagram Comment

In the Instagram application, comment tagging can be done to participate in sweepstakes of certain pages or to interact with friends.

  1. To make a comment tag under any share, tap on the comment section at the bottom of the post to open the keyboard.
  2. Then put the “@” sign in front of your friend’s username that you want to tag in the comment, and send the comment.
  3. Upon completion of the tag, the comment tag becomes visible with the “Share” option on the right.

How to Tag Someone on an Instagram Story

One of the places where tags can be made is Instagram Stories.

  • In the plus section of the profile menu or by swiping the main screen to the right, any user who adds a story must use the “@” sign and make a user search, as in the comment, to tag another user in that story.
  • Besides, the ‘’@’’ option can be accessed from the smiley sticker at the top of the story menu, and anyone can be tagged to the story. You can enlarge or shrink the size of the tag by moving two fingers after the tag operation.

With the latest updates, it is quite easy to tag someone on Instagram. The main purpose of the Instagram tag is to add someone or a business to a post. This uses the username on the Instagram profile to do so.

What are Instagram Tags?

This feature lets you connect with other people and businesses through pictures and videos. Tagging other users on Instagram builds connections.

This feature notifies the user which helps to increase the views on the post. Tagging a user on Instagram is similar to tagging in other social media sites.

Difference Between Instagram Tags and Hashtags

Tags are quite different from hashtags on Instagram. Tag using the username of the user which normally begins the character @ and the username. While the harsh categorize a post using the hash symbol # and the word. For instance, #music categorizes the post into music.

tag someone

Here are some of the ways to tag someone on Instagram:

How to Tag Someone or a Business In a Photo

You have the option of adding someone or business to a post with the Instagram tags.

  • While uploading a photo or video, tap on the option “Tag People”.
  • The list of your followers will drop down with options to search. Select the username from the list or simply type it in. Click on “Done”.

How to Tag Someone In an Instagram Caption

In addition to tagging a person or a business in the Instagram photo, you can also tag a person or a business in the caption of an Instagram photo.

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Tagging in a caption is useful when the caption mentions the business itself. A tag in a caption enables followers to quickly click on the tag to access the tagged user’s profile.

How to Tag Someone After Publishing the Post

Instagram tags have the option of editing a post to add or remove a tag even after uploading it.

  1. To tag someone on Instagram after uploading a post, simply open the post.
  2. Tap on the three dots for iPhone as well as Android just above the picture. Add the usernames of the people you want and click on done.

This is also a similar way you can edit and remove any username you previously in the post.

Lastly, you can tag someone in a comment. Simply type the @ sign and the username of the person. This will alert the user to the post.

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