Instagram Highlight Covers: What Are They? (Detailed Guide)

Instagram Highlight Covers: What Are They? (Detailed Guide)

Did you ever find yourself adoring some Instagram highlight covers just because you thought they seem cute?

We all love Instagram Stories. They are compact, neat, courteous, and gone before it gets boring.

Although sometimes we share a story that holds importance in our hearts, and we wish to keep it. So, we pin them to our Instagram profile to keep them forever.

Moreover, they get Instagram highlight covers for it.

But the thing is, some people’s highlighted story covers look cooler than the other ones.

They look so professional, like crafted to perfection.

The thing is: they are crafted to perfection.

What Are Highlight Covers for Stories?

What Are Highlight Covers for Stories?

Highlight covers are the little icons we use when we highlight a group of Instagram Stories on our profile.

You see, if you don’t use any cover, the first story you highlight will show up as a highlight cover; and that’s totally fine.

However, if you are someone who likes cosmetics, then highlight covers are a thing for you.

How to Make Instagram Highlight Covers?

Instagram story covers are inconvenient and cute icons that people craft for themselves online.

They are like wallpapers for Instagram Stories.

They aren’t hard to create; you just need an online service for it.

If you want to create one for yourself, just tag along.

What Are the Best Apps to Make Highlight Covers?

There are many websites and tools that help you on the journey of making the Instagram story highlight icons.

They offer many services, and they are mostly free. For the sake of our article, I’ll just give you some exemplary websites.

Highlight Cover Maker

This little app is for both Android and iOS; it is lightweight and super compact. It offers hundreds of Instagram highlight templates for you to use, so all you need is to be creative.

You can use this App Store link to download the app for your iOS devices, and this Google Play Store link for Android ones.


A great design tool that will allow you to create your custom highlight covers.

It has an online tool and a mobile app, which is equally useful.

Although its mobile app has an Instagram Story feature, which makes the process even easier, so I recommend using the mobile app.

You can reach the website through this link and mobile app through this one.

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Besides creating your cover for your highlights, you can always use websites that offer free Instagram highlight covers.

Where to Find Free Instagram Highlight Covers?

Where to Find Free Instagram Highlight Covers?

When we talk about artworks in such ways, Tumblr and Pinterest come to mind first.

There are countless possibilities that will you find those two, so it never hurts to check them first.

So, without further ado, let’s get to the real deal and check how we make a highlight cover when we actually acquire or create our template.

  1. The first step when it comes to giving our highlighted stories a custom cover is to press our desired highlight long enough to pop the menu up.
  2. On the pop-up menu, there are four options. You should go with the second option, which is Edit Highlight.
  3. Right there, you’ll go ahead and tap on Edit Cover. That will open up your current cover.
  4. You should tap on the Gallery icon, which will launch your photo gallery.
  5. There, you can choose any photo you have on your photo gallery, including the newly acquired highlight covers you got from the previously mentioned apps or websites.
  6.  Just tap on the picture, adjust the size, and tap Done. And voila! You have your custom highlight covers!


There you have it, folks, now you can have as many custom covers as you want on your Instagram!

Push your creative limit to the skies, and we’ll see you in the next article!

Take care!

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