How to Make Your Twitter Private: Is It Really Necessary?

How to Make Your Twitter Private: Is It Really Necessary?

Did you ever have nightmares about one of your tweets blowing up in a bad way? Actually, that can happen and that is why people use and make Twitter private.

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People are so easy to offend these days. You can hesitate to tweet even a slightly offensive joke just because you are scared of repercussions.

This is exactly what happened to Justine Sacco.

Why Should I Make My Twitter Private?

However, she was not scared to tweet some jokes that contained bigotry and racism in some kind.

She was not scared because she had only 170 followers back then and she got no engagements till she boarded her plane to fly to Cape Town.

After 11 hours of flight, she found herself as Twitter’s number one trend, not just in the U.S. but her controversial humor was up to debate worldwide.

Well, nobody would want to be in her spot. That is why a lot of personal Twitter users set theirs as private Twitter accounts.

When you set your account as private, only your followers can see and interact with your tweets.

Additionally, when someone wants to follow you, you can deny or approve their requests.

Hence, if you are harsh about your privacy, you may want to adjust Twitter privacy settings.

So, if you are wondering about how to make Twitter account private, you might want to check our little guide below.

How to Protect Your Twitter Account

First of all, you should open your Twitter account on a mobile web browser or through the official mobile app as you can make your tweets protected on both platforms.

So, let’s look at how you can make Twitter private via your official mobile app first.

On Mobile (iOS, Android)

  • Open your Twitter app and log in with your credentials.
  • Swipe right from the far left side of your mobile device’s screen.
  • After that, a menu will appear from the left side of the screen.
make Twitter private
  • From that menu, tap on ‘Settings and privacy‘ to proceed.
Twitter privacy settings
  • Under ‘Settings and privacy‘, tap on ‘Privacy and safety‘.
Twitter protected account
  • Under ‘Tweets‘ section, adjust the slider named ‘Protect your Tweets‘ to make your Twitter account private or public as you wish.

Now, let’s take a look at how you can make Twitter account private via your regular mobile browser on a PC.


  • Go to ‘‘ and log in with your username and password.
  • At the top right of the screen, there should be an icon containing your profile picture. Click on that icon to open a drop-down menu.
private Twitter
  • Under the tab ‘Account‘, there should be a section called ‘Privacy and safety‘, click on that section to proceed.
protected tweets
  • After you enter the ‘Privacy and safety‘ section, you will see a title called ‘Privacy‘.
  • Under that title, there is another section called ‘Tweet privacy‘, from there check the box near ‘Protect your Tweets’ to make your Twitter account protected.
Twitter private account

Is It Possible to View Private Twitter Accounts

Well, if you are wondering about if it is possible to view private Twitter accounts, the short answer to this question will be a solid no.

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Only followers approved by the mentioned Twitter user can view their tweets and other interactions.

Furthermore, it is not possible to retweet private Twitter accounts. If you want to share someone’s tweet and their account is private, simply send them a private message.

Asking for their consent is necessary. Otherwise, you are breaking the terms and conditions of Twitter.

If you can get their consent, you can comfortably screenshot the tweet and share it easily.

Protecting your Twitter means, Twitter is not an open social network for you anymore.

It is merely a special diary for you and your designated followers.

However, this not means that you cannot enjoy Twitter anymore.

You can make your Twitter account public any time you want!

Can You View Private Twitter Accounts?

Unfortunately, nope. You cannot view private Twitter accounts and you need to send a follower request to the mentioned person.

Can Verified Accounts Be Private?

Yes, a verified account might be set as private. If you are wondering about how can you make your Twitter verified, you can check our guide here: How to Get Verified on Twitter

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