How to Get Verified on Twitter (Blue Checkmark in 6 Tips)

How to Get Verified on Twitter (Blue Checkmark in 6 Tips)

It’s not entirely easy to get verified on Twitter as you have to fit Twitter standards as every other social network requires you to do so.

On Twitter, a blue badge (Twitter Verification) next to a name lets people know the account is of public interest and that the account is verified to be that person.

However, what could you lose by trying?

twitter verification

6 Tips for Getting Verified on Twitter

Here are some things you should make sure of before applying for the badge.

  • Make sure your account has all the information filled out.
  • Create a professional bio showing you belong somewhere and are important to the public. If you know verified people on Twitter be sure to tag them in your bio.
  • Verify your phone number and fill out your other information.
  • Set your tweets to the public. This is important because how can you be an interest of the public if your account is not public?
  • Be active on Twitter and engage with other Twitter users.
  • Add a cover photo and web site if applicable

After doing these you will have to fill out a form that looks like this:

twitter verification

Also, note that if the Twitter verification badge is declined you can try again after 30 days.

Cool Tip: Go to Twitter and find the @verified account.

They follow all the verified accounts on Twitter so you can check those profiles out and try to emulate them the best you can.

Why It’s Important to Have Twitter Verification

There are likely to be a lot of obvious benefits to having a verified status on Twitter.

  • The chances are you more likely to get more followers
  • You’re bound to gain trust and respect from the community
  • You have one more data point on your being an influencer/authority

There are some immediate platform benefits, too. You can opt-out of group DMs, and you can filter your notifications to include only notifications from other verified users.

It’s sort of like an exclusive club.

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