Why Is My Instagram Not Working: Fix Instagram in Minutes

Why Is My Instagram Not Working: Fix Instagram in Minutes

Are you having issues with your Instagram not working properly? No need to worry since we will be looking at some of the main causes of these issues and making suggestions on how to fix these Instagram errors in this article.

Instagram servers are down

Why Would My Instagram Not Work?

There can be numerous reasons why your Instagram app might not be working correctly. We can list some of them to get further knowledge about the subject.

  • You might have a bad internet connection. To check this, you can open up your browser and search for anything you like to see if your phone loads a web page. If not, you need to go to your phone’s settings. There, you will see options regarding your internet connection and cellular data. (For those of you who might not know, cellular data is called the mobile data on the Android phones.)
  • A bug might have occurred and crashed the Instagram app. (This is a very common situation for why Instagram might not work on Android devices.) Each new update comes with a new set of potential bugs. Even though the software developers of Instagram are trying their best to fix the major problems, some of them remain unnoticed. Thus, even if you restart the app, you might witness it crashing multiple times until they release a new fix.
  • Instagram servers might be down. (Instagram uses Amazon Web Services to store its users’ data. Although the uptime of these servers are the highest on the market, these servers may still malfunction sometimes.)
  • There might be a new update for the Instagram app. As mentioned above, Instagram releases regular updates for its app to fix some of the bugs or just to add new features.
How to Fix Instagram

Why Is My Instagram Not Loading?

If you don’t have an internet connection, then your Instagram wouldn’t be loading at all. Similarly, if your internet connection is slow, then you might see that your Instagram feed is not loading fast enough. In that regard, if you are using your cellular data, please check whether you have a strong signal. If you have a weak signal, you can turn off cellular data and connect to Wi-Fi instead.

Furthermore, you might have enabled the mobile hotspot feature on your phone. If you have your mobile hotspot turned on, you can’t use your cellular data or connect to a Wi-Fi. Therefore, please check your connection settings to make sure it is completely turned off.

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Why Is My Instagram Not Loading

How to Fix Instagram in Just 5 Steps

There are several steps for you to fix the Instagram app. The platform can return to function normally even in the middle of the process. Therefore, keep your eye on the application.

  1. Check your connection. Make sure your internet connection works properly as mentioned above.
  2. Update the Instagram app via the Google Play Store or the App Store. To do this, open the Google Play Store or the App Store and search for Instagram. After you tap on the app, you will see an update button. (Of course, only if a new update has been released.) Tap on it to download the up-to-date version.
  3. Close the Instagram app and open it again. To close the Instagram app, you need to tap the square at the bottom right of your screen. Then, swipe the Instagram app up to close it.
  4. Delete the Instagram app and install it back again. To do this, tap the Instagram app icon and hold until you see a delete option. After that, go to the Google Play Store or App Store and search for Instagram. After you tap on the app, you will see an option to install it again.
  5. Restart your phone. To do this, you need to hold the power button of your phone until you see a pop-up window with the restart option.
Why Would My Instagram Not Work

If none of these solutions are working for you, it is most likely that the problem is not occurring from your end. In that case, please check whether Instagram servers are down using other social media platforms and related platforms. In most circumstances, you will see other people having similar issues too.

As a matter of fact, Instagram staff make regular announcements regarding server maintenance and notify its users on Twitter if their servers are not working properly. However, if Instagram is down, unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do, but wait.

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