Instagram “Sorry There Was a Problem With Your Request” Error

Although we use Instagram quiet well sometimes there may be errors. One of those is that when you try to log in to your account you get an error saying “Sorry there was a problem with your request”. We gathered some reasons and solutions here and you should take a look at them if you are having the same problem.

How To Get Rid Of “Sorry There Was a Problem With Your Request” Error

This problem can occur differently. For example, when users try to log in with another accounts, same problem may occur. Besides, then can successfully log in via web browser. So if you are having the same problem, it may not be about your account, but it may be about your phone.

Try to Reinstall the App

Of course it is a good idea to reinstall the app. You can also update your phone. You can try logging in though Facebook. If the problem still goes on you may try other things.

Try Using Apps

Instagram may ban your ip address due to various login tries. So, you can download and install an app called Parallel Space on your phone and make copy of Instagram app. Try to log in to your account. That may fix your problem.

You May Have Been Traced

Accounts that violate ToS are banned by Instagram. If your account was deleted because of spam actions your ip address may have been traced and it can be detected as spam or threat. So you may not be allowed to create an account with your current ip address. In this case, you can try to log in with a different ip address.

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If you use multiple accounts on your phone that may be related to the reason. So, you should try changing your password.

Instagram “Sorry There Was a Problem With Your Request” Error
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