How to Post Photos and Comments On Instagram

There are several ways of posting photos or comments on Instagram. Once you have an account it is easy to post anything. The good thing is that you can post via your smart phone as well as via desktop browser. Now we will talk about these ways.

How Can I Post Instagram Via Smart Phone

You need to have Instagram app to post photos or comments. Now we will explain step by step.

Install the app if you don’t have and then open it.
Log in to your account.
You will see + symbol at the bottom of the screen. Tap it.
You will see three upload options including library/gallery, photo and video.
If you want to upload a photo that is saved on your phone, choose gallery. Otherwise tap photo or video if you want to take a new photo or video. Then, tap next.

Apply filters and have fun

Now it is time to choose a filter. There are many amazing filters that you can apply on your photos. Select one of them according to your pleasure. Once you apply it, you can reduce or increase its effect.
You can also tap edit so that you can change some features such as brightness, contrast. Tap next after you have finished this step.
In this step you can add caption to your post. You can also tag your friends and add location according to your choice.
In the final step, tap share button to share it with your friends.

How Can I Post Comments On Instagram

Posting comments is as easy as posting photos. When you want to make comment under a post simply tap the speech bubble icon which is below the post. When you tap, a comment box will show up. Write your comment and send it. If comments are disabled under the related post, you can’t make comment.

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How to Post Photos and Comments On Instagram
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