Instagram versus Twitter: Which is better?


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The Instagram versus Twitter debate is a very interesting one. They both have similarities and differences. Twitter was the first to come on the scene as a social media site. Twitter was growing quickly both in users and content until the emergence of Instagram. The emergence of twitters means a slight decline in contents and users on Twitter. People started moving to Instagram. Some see Instagram as more engaging in terms of business. The recent purchase of Instagram by Facebook furthers strengthens its value and usage.
Let’s look at some of the differences and similarities between them.

Instagram versus Twitter: By the Numbers

Statistics gives more insight into this Instagram versus Twitter debate. It tells which social media network is more popular amongst internet users. These number will give you a good standpoint to judge which is best for you.
Instagram has over 400 million monthly active users. Also, it has about 40 billion photos uploads so far. It also has about 80 million photos on average per day. Instagram has over 3.6 billion likes per day.
Twitter has 316 million monthly users and 80% of active users on mobile. Also, it has 77% of users outside the U.S. It has 500 million Tweets per day. Instagram leads Twitter in active users while Twitter leads in contents. This is stalemate so far.

Instagram versus Twitter

Instagram versus Twitter: Audience

One fact about this debate is that both have identical audiences. Both social media sites have similar users within the same age bracket, income level, education level and as well as location.
Instagram and Twitter demographics show that the users have the age range of between 18 to 29 years.
Users within this age bracket are the most popular and active on both sites. People in the 20’s drive the social media sites.
The overall demographics of both sites show that both are quite evenly matched. This stems from the age grade that drives the growth of social media.

Instagram versus Twitter: Engagement

Instagram is a more engaging social media than Twitter. It has no ads, feeds or clickable links to other sites. Thus, Instagram keeps users on the timeline without distractions. Meanwhile, twitter timeline has links to posts, news, and blogs. These links can quickly take you to other sites away from twitter.
Finally, Instagram leads this Instagram versus Twitter debate. Both are excellent but Instagram is quite suitable for business.

Instagram versus Twitter

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3 thoughts on “Instagram versus Twitter: Which is better?

  1. I think the instagram is much better because people are having more fun. Just like the twitter news site, the news is spreading that is not fun.

  2. if ı asked the question about “Instagram versus Twitter: Which is better?
    “, ı thought people answered twitter. twitter is more active social media platform according to Instagram. The fact that Twitter is older is also effective.

  3. Of course instagram. Twitter is now starting to fill up with poor quality people and everyone is talking by their head. Instagram versus Twitter: Which is better? I think it’s ridiculous to ask this question 🙂

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