What Is TikTok: Learn the Basics (Your First Video: 2 Steps)

What Is TikTok: Learn the Basics (Your First Video: 2 Steps)

Except for famous applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; TikTok is also gaining a huge number of users day by day. What is TikTok anyway?

First of all, thanks to the new Internet age, it is easy to make anyone’s name famous. Nowadays, the internet shows that everyone can be distinguished in the short or long term.

Therefore, TikTok was launched in April 2014 originally as Musical.ly. Later in November 2017, Musical.ly was purchased by a Chinese company ByteDance, and the company officially integrated the app into their already existing and trendy app called TikTok in August 2018.

We know that the app is relevant for its 15-second lip-syncing videos and endless challenges.

how to use TikTok
How long are TikTok videos?

TikTok videos can be up to 15-seconds at most. However, you can combine and post multiple photos for 60-seconds.

Which information is changeable on TikTok?

You can change your username, nickname, Instagram ID, YouTube channel ID, and profile descriptions at any time you want.

How to Use TikTok?

With TikTok, which defines itself as a global video community, users can create and share their short videos.

Users can add their favorite music or sounds to their videos with special effects and funny tags.

The app was initially designed to synchronize your lips with your favorite songs, and it has exploded in all directions.

Vertically prepared fifteen-second videos across different genres are filling the feed; from dancing to Vineish ‘meme’ videos.

Their one bonding factor is that they contain entertaining audio in some form.

  • First step: Open TikTok

To start, you have to set up your accounts. Tap the TikTok logo, which resembles a music note. This will open your home page when you enter the app. 

Moreover, you can create an account using an email address, telephone number, or a third-party platform such as Facebook. The application automatically gives you a username.

TikTok trends
  • Second step: How to Make a TikTok Video

If you are ready to share your video, tap the plus sign at the bottom of the screen. When the camera opens, you will see a red recording button.

You can add a song before you start recording so that your lip-sync, parody or dance video will be in time with the music.

Furthermore, videos can last up to 15 seconds, but users can connect multiple videos for up to 60 seconds.

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Since its start, TikTok’s popularity has been growing remarkably.

In October 2018, globally it was the most-downloaded photo and video app in the Apple Store, the app reportedly has combined over 500 million monthly dynamic users, the U.S. is the most popular place where it has been downloaded over 80 million times following by Turkey and India.

Several brands have utilized the app via TikTok ads.

TikTok ads

What Can You Do With TikTok?

Brands can use TikTok to partner with celebrities or influencers from TikTok to create brand-specific advertising content.

This will be just like any other influencer promotion; it will just be based on the 15-second video format.

TikTok influencers, which are mostly teens and young people can earn a good amount of money with these advertisements and brand collaborations in the app.

TikTok trends are essential to both brands and influencers to reach a broader audience.

In conclusion, TikTok is a fun, entertaining, and addictive app that has immense popularity among the young generation.

The app also has the potential to become the next big marketing and social networking platform like other social media applications.

If you want to do further research about the app, you can visit its official page. Do not miss the future. If you are serious about promoting your brand, this can be your chance.

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