Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story?

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Story?

Instagram is a great app to share stories. Instagram Stories stay on your profile in a short time, and after the time is out, it is deleted automatically. Many people find it enjoyable, and many business accounts use it to promote their brand. But people also want to be noticed by Instagram when somebody screenshots their stories. Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story? 

Is There Any Notification for Screenshots on Instagram? 

Instagram has many amazing features. But unfortunately, Instagram does not have a notification for screenshots of Stories. Many people want that feature in terms of safety issues. But for now, Instagram does not offer that service. 

There is only one notification on Instagram screenshots. In direct messaging, If somebody takes screenshots of your disappearing photo, you get a notification about it. Actually, in 2008, Instagram started to offer the same feature for Stories as well. However, Instagram got a lot of backlash at those times. That’s why they don’t notify people of screenshotting of their stories. 

Many people want to use that feature for safety purposes. For now, there is no notification for that. But in the future, Instagram can start to offer it again. 

How to Take Screenshot on Instagram

How to Take Screenshot on Instagram? 

  • You can take a screenshot on Instagram stories in plane mode and save them to your phone. There is no notification when you do that. 
  • You can get help from many apps to save stories on Instagram. With these apps, taking screenshots is easy, and a few of them also offers a feature to reshare them on Instagram 
  • If you want to do it safer, you can go use Instagram on the desktop or can copy the URL link of the story to your web browser. Then, you can take screenshots with many apps without any notification. 


Can I see who viewed my profile on Instagram? 

There is no feature on Instagram to check it. You only can see how many people look at your photos and stories. But there is no feature to see who viewed your profile on Instagram. There are some apps that claim that they have that feature, but Instagram does not offer it.

Will Instagram start to notify people of screenshots on Stories? 

Instagram already tried similar features in 2008. But it did not go well. Instagram cares about privacy, and that’s why it does not offer that feature now. Many Instagram users that it so in the future, Instagram can offer it again.

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Is there any notification on the screenshot in DM? 

Yes, you are notified when somebody takes a screenshot of the photo you sent on Instagram DM. 


Even many people want it, Instagram does not notify you when somebody takes a screenshot of the Stories. You only are notified of direct messages. Otherwise, taking a screenshot does not have any notification. 

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