How to Ask a Question on Instagram? (Detailed Guide – 2020)

How to Ask a Question on Instagram? (Detailed Guide – 2020)

So, if you are wondering, how does this feature work, we will explain to you how to ask a question on Instagram.

There are many popular platforms where you can anonymously ask people you follow. Instagram has inspired these apps and added the ability to ask questions into the app.

But in doing so, Instagram has partially removed anonymity and allows users to contact their followers.

So now you can ask your followers through the popular photo-sharing application, or you can ask them to ask you questions.

What Is Instagram's Ask Me Feature Used For

What Is Instagram’s Ask Me Feature Used For

We usually use the Direct Messages feature to ask a question on the Instagram platform. Thanks to Ask Me Here, we can now answer the questions of our followers through the story.

The Ask Me plug-in on Instagram can be defined as a feature to add a small text field during your story sharing and allow your followers to ask you questions.

If you have no followers to ask questions, you can buy Instagram followers via BIF.

How Can I Ask a Question on Instagram

You can ask your followers to ask you questions through Instagram’s asking feature, or you can ask your followers’ opinions by asking questions about a topic you are curious about.

You can find the Ask Questions feature in the stories section of Instagram. But be careful, once you know that it’s that easy, you can always ask your followers to ask questions to you, and this can cause you to bore them.

  1. Open the Instagram app.
    • Log in to your account and open the Instagram Stories page by tapping your profile photo icon on the Instagram home page.
  2. Find Questions sticker in Instagram Stories.
    • In Instagram Stories, you should touch the smiling icon at the top and then find the sticker which says Questions.
  3. Write your question.
    • You can ask a question by clicking to the Ask Me button, and when you are finished with it press the Done button.
  4. Wait for your followers to answer your question.
    • When your followers touch your profile picture, they’ll come up with the question you’re asking and write their answers or questions in the Write Something field and send it to you.
  5. Answer your followers’ questions.
    • Questions from your followers will be collected under the Answers section. Here you can also see those who did not see your question.

NOTE: Only users who ask the question can view the answers to the questions. But if you want to share these answers, it is also possible. You can also see the option to share responses under the Answers section. This way, the responses are shared on your profile as a separate story.

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When I ask a question on Instagram, does anyone know that I asked that question?

No, only the person who answers the question can know who is asking the question.

But if the person who answers the question chooses to tag the users who ask the question while sharing their answers, then people know that you asked that question.

To understand this, wait for them to answer a few questions, and if they don’t tag someone in the answers, they probably won’t tag you either.

When I share the question in the story, does it appear who asked that question?


Only you can view the name of the person who asked you the question. However, when you share the question, the name of the person asking the question does not appear.

But let’s add this, if you want your followers to know who asked you this question, you can tag the user before you share your answer.

How Can I Ask a Question to Someone on Instagram

How Can I Ask a Question to Someone on Instagram

To ask someone a question, this person must first ask you to ask questions in the Instagram Story. And we have a warning for the stalkers! The questions you ask do not go anonymously to the other party.

The person who answers the question can see who is asking the question. So if you want to anonymously tell someone you like them or insult someone you don’t like, this might not be a good option.

  1. First, open Instagram and find someone who wants you to ask a question.
  2. If you want to see if a specific person uses this feature, type that person’s name to see if they share something like this in their Instagram Story.
  3. Or, as an alternative, look at the stories from the top of your Instagram home page and see if anyone is using this feature right now.
  4. When you find someone using this feature, stay in their story and type, and submit the question you want to ask in the box under Ask Me a Question text.
  5. Some of the very long questions cannot be read, so make sure that the question you submit is short.
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