How to Get Blue Tick On Instagram

With its millions of users, Instagram has been the biggest social media platform and it continue to include new users everyday. As commonly known, celebrities, writers, models, famous people also use Instagram. There are many famous people who use Instagram. We can use a blue tick on their profiles meaning that they are verified users. As it is an important symbol, many users want to have it on their profile. In this article, we will explain how to get blue tick to your account.

How Can I Get Blue Tick To My Instagram Account?

As we explained above, blue tick means that the Instagram account is verified. So, you will have a verified account when you get blue tick. The question is that if an individual user that hasn’t much followers can get blue tick.

May An Individual User Get Blue Tick?

To answer this question, first we need to know what exactly verified account is. Instagram blue tick is a symbol proving that the person has the account. Especially we see this on the profile of famous people, trademarks as there are fake profiles of them. In order to distinguish them from their fakes, blue tick is given to them. So, these profiles are presented to users that they really belong to those famous people or trademarks and they are trustable.

It isn’t Available to Get Blue Tick

As blue tick is only given to famous people and trademarks, it isn’t available to request or get blue tick if you aren’t well-known person or if you don’t have a famous trademark. You can’t buy it, either. But, you can verify your account with doing a few things, though. You can integrate your facebook, Twitter accounts with Instagram. That is the first step to get blue tick on Instagram.

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How to Get Blue Tick On Instagram
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