How to Clear Instagram Search History

Sometimes it may be essential to clear search history on Instagram as there might be some people that you don’t want to see again such as your ex or someone you argued. It is bothering to see their face as you remember them when you see their face.

How To Clear Search History On Instagram?

So, if you made up your mind and want to clear your search history, you can do it with a few easy steps so that your recent terms never appear in search again. Let’s begin to make a clean.

Clearing Search History

First you need to go to options on your profile. There you will see a button written “Clear Search History”. Tap on it. You can confirm the message asking that if you are sure. So, it is done.

If you want to control if it is cleared, go to search. When you tap on “tags”, “places” and “people” you will see everything has gone including recent hashtags, locations and accounts. Although you cleared your history, unwanted people will still be listed under “Suggested” users that you are interacted most. If you want to clear totally, you also need to hide suggested users from search.

How to Hide Suggested Users From Search?

As you will still find your ex or other friends under “Suggested” list, it means they aren’t gone yet. It is a good idea to clear them from there as well. Press long on the user and “Hide” option will appear. When you tap “Hide” that user will be hidden. You need to do it for everyone that you don’t want to see. By the way, you don’t need to unfollow a user which you hide. But of course, it is a good way to unfollow him or her if you never want to see him/her again.

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How to Clear Instagram Search History
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