YouTube 101: SEO and Channel Tricks for Beginners (Updated – 2020)

YouTube 101: SEO and Channel Tricks for Beginners (Updated – 2020)

YouTube SEO process is not too different from other SEO processes but because YouTube is the second most visited web site on the world, we have to be careful.

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YouTube is different from all other social media platform and actually, it has more effect on marketing. The most important thing about YouTube is not posting content, the point is optimizing.

How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel

Today we will talk about Youtube SEO and its different processes that you should follow for your own good.

As you know, YouTube is the greatest video-sharing platform we know and the point of it is getting views from people. The key is optimizing your content.

Today you can find millions of videos have been watched for millions of times and all of them are different. You do not have to post similar content to videos that have been watched millions of times.

  • Optimizing old content is better than posting new, unoptimized content.
  • All this optimization work can last longer than shooting up a video, but do not give up.

Now we are going to guide you on how should you optimize your YouTube content.

Youtube SEO

Youtube SEO: Essentials

In this part, we will talk about the background information that you will need to understand before we start.

Do Your Keyword Research First

YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google, so you have to make a perfect keyword research before you touch anything else.

If you bring no actual keywords to the table, search engine crawlers will have no guidelines on their own when browsing your channel.

Therefore, let’s do what we have to do:

  • Your content must be appropriate with your keywords and know your audience.
  • You have to make a research on your audience and find out what they want to search and watch.
    • However, this process is not as hard, as we talk, most publishers just go to the search box and type a keyword that they want to make content about it.
  • While you type, YouTube will often offer you the most popular and relevant search queries. Thanks to YouTube’s autocomplete feature, our quest becomes a bit easier.
  • After you find the most popular keyword, build your project on it and that is it!
    • Also, you should look for keywords with zero to no competition.

There is another way to find keywords and it is really useful, Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest tool brings you the most popular keyword with many filters which you can adjust as you wish. It is completely free!

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Finding the right keywords is important, but this is not the mere essential for Youtube SEO. After finding your keywords, you have to compare them and find out which one is more useful for your long-term plans.

Of course, there is a free tool for this process, it is Google Trends.

Track Your YouTube Rankings

SEO specialists often track their situations on Google’s index list for their campaigns’ success or failure. However, would you say you are doing this with YouTube?

If not, you ought to be! There are numerous tools for this, both free and paid, so discover one that you feel comfortable with. In this way, you can keep tabs on your development as you streamline your recordings.

Prioritize Content Quality

Clearly, to contend with the various competitors in the quick-paced, forceful universe of YouTube, you must be always one step ahead at all times. For this, consistency and quality is the key.

While accomplishing a viral hit is awesome, recall that YouTube isn’t just about perspectives.

  • You’re hoping to construct a supporter base and shape long haul associations with your subscribers.
  • How might you achieve this? It is easy: by delivering quality core content and distributing it on a consistent timetable.
  • Posting unpredictably will just hurt you and result in lost supporters.
  • Make sure that you post at least two or three regular videos each week. You can go for more, but not less.

Short Content Doesn’t Always Mean Easy Consumability

Be careful when designing a theme for your account as short content, which is usually no longer than five minutes, can hurt or help you in many possible ways. Therefore, we have to think about it throughout.

  • Keep in mind, YouTube‘s definitive objective is to rival TV so they can charge TV-like publicizing rates.
    • What they’re searching for is high caliber, long-frame content that will enable them to run more promotions and keep the users on the site for more.
  • Recordings that are longer than five minutes have a tendency to perform better and have a higher possibility of positioning in search queries.
  • A key metric to watch out for is watch time—not only for every video but rather for your channel in general.
  • In a perfect world, you ought to see month to month increments in watch time as your channel develops.

Utilize Playlists Like a Boss

Playlists are an underrated feature of YouTube, and nobody knows why.

While most organizations make playlists around dates, content sorts, items, and other general classes, to truly exploit this component, you have to go further.

  • Utilize your catchphrase research to make sense of what individuals are hunting down in your specialty, and make playlists for them to dive in for hours.
  • In the event that you don’t have much fresh content, you can even make playlists utilizing other individuals’ recordings to drive viewers to your YouTube channel page.

First 48 Hours: Don’t Confuse YouTube with Google

YouTube’s algorithms are famously unforgiving. When you upload fresh content for your channel, ensure that you have every one of your improvements prepared to go.

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  • In the event that YouTube can’t get a reasonable picture of what your video is about, or on the off chance that you aren’t getting any footing off viewers, you’ll dive deep in the rankings — and it will be difficult to recoup that lost ground.
  • While it is conceivable to return and fix ineffectively upgraded recordings by reconsidering the titles, portrayal, labels, thumbnail, transcript, etc., a great part of the harm will have just been done after the initial 48 hours have passed.
  • It is staggeringly difficult to return from being covered once the algorithm has judged your content as unworthy.
  • Leave the entryway solid, or not under any condition. Try not to distribute a video with the aim of advancing it at some point later.
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