Who Unfollowed Me on Twitter: 4 Free Apps for Unfollowers!

Who Unfollowed Me on Twitter: 4 Free Apps for Unfollowers!

Do you ever wonder like… Well, this guy was following me yesterday, is there anyone else who unfollowed me on Twitter again?

Twitter is one of the biggest and well-known social media platforms with more than 330 million monthly active users.

Consequently, you potentially have the chance to get 330 million followers, but that is probably very unlikely.

In fact, it’s more likely you are going to lose followers if you aren’t active enough or your tweets offend or disrespect people.

who unfollowed me

You can’t be on Twitter all the time, and it’s understandable that sometimes you can make mistakes by tweeting without caution.

Nonetheless, when this sort of stuff happens, you end up losing followers.

However, how are you going to revert this?

Who Unfollowed Me on Twitter: Third-Party Apps

  • Of course, you can check one by one by searching your name in the person following list.
  • Also, you can check their profile where it will say “follows you” or not.

However, that’s going to take a lot of time if you have thousands of followers.

Since Twitter doesn’t have a service like this 3rd party apps come into play here.

Below, there is a list of sites and mobile apps you can use to track who unfollows you and to get notified when you are unfollowed.

These apps help you learn who unfollowed me on Twitter. All of these services have free versions so you won’t be paying a dime.

Statusbrew Mobile App

This is a free app to keep track of your Twitter followers.

However, if you want to add more than one account, there are 3-month subscriptions starting from $25.


This app has a free version for accounts with up to 75,000 followers.

They have plans starting from $5 for people with more than 75k.

who unfollowed me


This web-based service sends you a daily email of the people who unfollowed you.

Free for accounts under 1k followers!


This app is one of the top-recommended because they offer services apart from tracking Twitter unfollowers.

However, some of the features are locked until you pay $17.97 for a full service.

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