Who Blocked Me on Twitter? (How to Find Them)

Who Blocked Me on Twitter? (How to Find Them)

In this article, I wanted to share with you the answers to questions such as “who blocked me on Twitter,” and if it is really possible seeing those who blocked you on Twitter.

Twitter, like all social areas, is an environment in which no one has the right to disturb anyone else. It is simple to get rid of the users who are bothering you here.

You block a person and eliminate the chance of them interfering with your posts.

This right is given to everyone. But it’s hard and almost impossible to see who’s blocking you.

Rather, it’s hard to find out who’s blocking you from millions of users out there.

How to See Who Blocked You?

To find out if someone is blocking you or not, go to the profile of the suspect and click the “Follow” button. Then you will see two warnings that may appear.

  • If you can successfully follow a person on Twitter, or you can send a request as ordinary, that means you’re not blocked.
  • However, if you get a warning that says you’re blocked from viewing that person’s information and tweets, you’re simply being blocked as you may guess.

When a person reports you as spam, they will still block you no matter what.

Therefore, there is a possibility that the person blocking you may have been reported your presence as spam.

Is It Possible to See a List of People Who Blocked You on Twitter?

So, how do you know who’s blocking you? More precisely, how do you know if someone is blocking you?

It’s impossible to find all the people who are blocking you. We can’t see this as a list right now.

However, it is possible to see if a person has blocked you or not. It is even possible to see the shares of the blocking person.

How Can I See the Tweets of a Person That Has Blocked Me?

When a person blocks you, if their account isn’t protected, you can sign out of Twitter and go to the profile of the person who blocked. From there, you can easily see what the posted.

Another way to see someone’s tweets is by looking at the RSS if you don’t want to sign out of your account.

“https://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline.rss?screen_name=blocker username”

What Happens When You Get Blocked on Twitter?

When contact is blocked on Twitter, the tweets of the blocking account become visually similar to an account set to be protected.

When a blocked user attempts to follow the blocking account again, he or she will receive a notification about the blocking.

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Who Blocked Me on Twitter

How Do I Know If I’m Blocked on Twitter?

The first signs of blocking are the absence of interactions of tweets on the Twitter timeline. If you’re blocked on Twitter, one way to see that person’s tweets is to open a new Twitter account.

A second account can also be used to verify that a user has blocked an account. If the second account can view the user’s tweets and events instead of a protected view, the first account is 100% blocked.

Users who do not want to block other Twitter accounts can choose their own account as private.

The protected account allows the account holder to choose which followers to approve or reject and eliminate the need to block spam or harassing accounts.

In addition, tweets are protected as none of the Tweets and timeline events are public.

Third-Party Apps for Discovering Who Blocked You on Twitter

It is now very easy to find out who blocked you on Twitter through some third-party apps.

The importance of social networks is constantly discussed and emphasized, but it is equally important to realize the management of these social networks.

  • Friend or Follow

Friend or Follow is a tool that lists names that do not follow you even though you follow them. When you enter the site by typing your user name, you can see the people who follow you.

In this application, which does not require any permission, you can easily obtain information not only from yourself but also from other accounts.

  • Twuffer

You may not always be at your computer or use your phone to tweet.

Twuffer is a tool that helps you set the times when your tweets will be sent. You write a tweet and set the time to send this tweet at the time you set.

With this tool, you cannot forget your followers on Twitter, your Twitter is active even while you sleep or tweets too many consecutive tweets that you can get away from the situations that can cause people to stop following you.

When using Twuffer, it is important that you select your time zone. Buffer, which provides similar service, is also of great quality and you can use Buffer for your Facebook account.

  • TwitWipe

The purpose of the TwitWipe app is to delete all the tweets you’ve ever made!

We need to warn you about TwitWipe, which can be considered a tool for digital suicides because it deletes your tweets irrevocably.

To delete all your tweets, you must either close your account completely or delete one by one.

Until now there was no way to easily delete all tweets on Twitter but thanks to this application you can easily delete all your tweets.

  • TweetEraser

Although TweetEraser is currently in beta, it works quite well.

Thanks to the application you can delete the tweet by selecting the desired. It is often advisable not to move private lives and private relationships to social media and public places on the Internet.

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However, if you left your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, it’s possible with TweetEraser to delete all your tweets.

You can find your tweets one by one by searching for the user name, and you can delete the tweets collectively, either backward or at certain time intervals.

In addition to the user name, you can also search and delete words.

  • TweetDeck

TweetDeck is an extremely useful app with a collection of all content. Used to control and track multiple accounts.

In addition to TweetDeck’s applications for Apple iOS and Android operating systems, there are also plug-ins available in the Chrome Web Store.

Although TweetDeck was only an application in the past, it has attracted the attention of Twitter with its prominence and functionality and it was purchased by Twitter for 50 million dollars.

You can follow not only Twitter but also Facebook and Foursquare accounts via TweetDeck

  • SocialBro

With the application released by Javier Burón and Alfredo Artiles, published in April of last year, you can follow up more than one Twitter account.

The most important feature of the application that you can send through a tweet is to show you the unfollowers.

To keep track of this stuff, you need to synchronize SocialBro at certain times. SocialBro works as a Google Chrome plug-in.

SocialBro also offers real-time statistics, so you can see the best times for tweets, which countries your followers are from, and which language they use.

For example, if your followers mostly use English and are from abroad, it is time to stop tweeting in some other languages.

By reading the statistics you can make many inferences about your use of Twitter.


We can easily state that it is impossible to see a list of people blocking you, but you can hunt them down individually.

For now, this is the only possible solution for seeing who blocked you on Twitter.

Thank you so much for reading this article. We hope that you won’t have to deal with any blockings on Twitter.

Best regards!

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