How to Stop Instagram Account From Auto-Following Random Accounts?

It is a common problem that some Instagram users may see other accounts on their following lists. Although they didn’t follow that account, it may appear on their list. Of course it may be disturbing at nobody wants to follow someone who doesn’t know at all.

If you have same problem, the reason may be related to spammers. They can make your Instagram account automatically follow the accounts they want.

As Instagram has been so popular around users, unfortunately it has also been the main target of spammers after Facebook and Twitter. There are a lot of people complaining about this issue on social media. A bug or security issue may be related to this problem but it has a simple solution.

How to Save Your account From Auto-Following Unwanted Accounts?

First, you need to check your profile and see which third party apps you have given access to. They have an important role on this issue. If there is anything you suspect it needs to go.

Change Your Password

It is an important and necessary security step that you should change your password. You may have shared it with someone and if you did, it is not secure.

Clean Malwares

If you blocked third party apps, changed your password but that didn’t work, it may be about malwares on your pc or phone. You should scan malwares and clear them if they are found.

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Don’t log into suspicious websites

There are some websites which authorise your Instagram. So, you shouldn’t log into untrusted websites.

It is not Just About Instagram

Just as Instagram has problem about that, Facebook and Twitter have same problems as well. They have already taken measures to cope with spam and fake profile problems.

How to Stop Instagram Account From Auto-Following Random Accounts?
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3 thoughts on “How to Stop Instagram Account From Auto-Following Random Accounts?

  1. It is a very bad thing to have to follow a site inadvertently and you have written in your buyinsagramfollowers site what you need to do to overcome it already

  2. on my account the following are auto matic but don’t no who that person so i want stop auto following people on instagram so give any tip to unfollow all people and stop the auto following the people .

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