How To Solve Instagram Security Code Problem

Security issues are one of the most common problems of Instagram as it takes it so seriously. Instagram is so popular. Because of that some people try to make spam or other harmful activities. Instagram has been taking measurements against such actions. But this causes some problems for ordinary users.

What Should Be Done If Instagram Is Asking For Security Code and They Didn’t Send It?

The users having this problem say that although Instagram is asking for a security, they didn’t send anything nor via sms neither e-mail. In this case, you should go to “Instagram Help Center” —> “Report a Hacked Account”. Answer the questions on screen. You will be replied via e-mail explaining how to recover your account.

Try to Receive Code Via E-mail

You have two options to get security code, by e-mail or phone. The problem may be related to your phone number as you may have registered too many apps so that there may be problem with getting the code. You can choose e-mail to get the code.

Your Account May Be Under Threat

If you are getting notifications related to security issues from Instagram, that may be because of someone or bots are trying to access your account. For example, if you usually log in from a particular area, but someone tries to log in from a different area, you will get a security notification.

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What Should I Do When I See This Notification?

When you see this notification you can click on “it was NOT me” button. So, they won’t be able to access your account. But if you want to allow someone else to access you can click on “It Was Me” button. Of course, be careful when you make your choice. Otherwise you may lose your account.

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