How To Share Youtube Videos On Instagram

As it is the most popular social media platform, you may want to share Youtube videos on your profile as well as you share your own photos and videos. We will explain this step by step. You can share Youtube videos easily when you follow these steps.

How Can I Share Youtube Videos On My Instagram Profile?

First, you need to copy the address of the youtube video that you want to share.

Use Third Party Websites To Share Your Videos

Go to You will see “Instagram Video” option. Choose it and paste the address of the video on field.
Now, you need to choose the part of the video on “maker” and be careful that it shouldn’t last more than 1 minute according to limit set by Instagram.
After you have determined the part, press “Start Download” button and start to download the video.

Download The Video On Your Phone

In this step, you need to download the video on your phone to share it on Instagram. So, you just need to press “Download on Mobile” button.
After you have pressed the button, the download link of the related video will be shown as QR code. Read the code via using a QR code reader app and start to download the video.
After you have completed downloading the video, open it and it is ready to be uploaded to Instagram.

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You Can Use Youtube To Instagram Converter

There is an alternative way that you can use Youtube to Instagram Converter to share Youtube videos on Instagram. First, you need to download a Youtube to Instagram converter software. Then, open it. Copy the address of the Youtube video and paste the url. Download the video with using software. Edit your video to make it compatible to Instagram. Once it is ready, you can share it on Instagram.

How To Share Youtube Videos On Instagram
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