How to See Who Viewed My Twitter Profile?

It is a common question that curious people ask very much. As they share tweets on their profile they may wonder who read them and who view their profile. We will talk about a few ways to see who viewed Twitter profile.

Is It Possible To See Who Viewed My Twitter Profile?

First of all there is no option to do such action on Twitter because of violating the privacy of users. However, it allows users to see who read their tweets. When you log into your account, you will see a scoreboard showing the number of people you are following, tweets and followers. Click on the followers score, a list showing the users who follow your Twitter updates will appear.

Try Twitter Counter To See Who Viewed Your Twitter Profile

Although there is no way to see who viewed your profile on Twitter there is an alternative way. Twitter Counter is a website which allows you to see statistics related to your Twitter account. You need to install their widget. Log in to the website with your Twitter username and password. You can customise the widget, then copy code and add it to your page. Once you do that, you will track your visitors. You will be able to see detailed information including graphics and tables about the statistics. But, keep in mind that none of them shows the name of the users.

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Use Statistics According To Your Purposes

Although there is no way to see which users have viewed profile, it is powerful tool to analyse statistics so that you can use them according to your goals. You can track data and see if there is increase or decrease. Besides, you can use Twitter Analytics to see how well your tweets are performing, you can see how many people have viewed your profile.

How to See Who Viewed My Twitter Profile?
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