See Users Who You Muted On Twitter

Twitter is a well known social media app and also social media service. Many people use Twitter on their mobile devices or desktop pcs. People do many activities on Twitter. They share their tweets with other users, follow other users’ tweets. Twitter is also being used very much to share opinions about the popular topics. Tweets may also be very popular just as trending topics thanks to retweets. While a tweet is liked and retweeted much, it may be very popular instantly. Those users who want their tweets to become popular try to make them retweeted. Some of them prefer to buy Twitter retweets which are provided by some third party social media services. If your purpose is to make your tweet very popular instantly on Twitter, you can buy Twitter retweets.

How Can I See The Users Who I Muted On Twitter?

Apart from those features, users can send private messages to each other on Twitter. If a user don’t want to get notified when he receives a message from another user, he may mute him. Some users prefer to use this feature as they don’t want to get those notifications so that they do their other activities comfortably. So the question is how to see those users who you muted on Twitter?

See Them On Settings

Twitter lets you see those users who you muted. You need to go to your profile and then settings. When you tap settings and privacy, find notifications in the list and tap it.

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See The Users Who You Muted Or Blocked

You will see a link that is written “See the users who you muted or blocked” on it. When you tap the link, you will see the list of users that you muted before. When you remove a user from the list, you will be notified again when he sends message.

See Users Who You Muted On Twitter
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