What to Do If Your Instagram Account Has Been Temporarily Blocked (Updated – 2020)

What to Do If Your Instagram Account Has Been Temporarily Blocked (Updated – 2020)

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Account blockage is a commonly seen problem around Instagram users. If Instagram has temporarily blocked your account it could be due to various reasons as we talked about this issue in our previous article.

The case is that if Instagram detects suspicious behaviours it can block your account and if you continue to do the same actions your account may be blocked permanently.

It mostly happens if your account is new -created less than one month ago- but you have a huge amount of followers.

In this situation, you might get a pop-up message saying your action has been blocked. But there are some things to do if you have encountered this problem.

What Should I Do If Instagram Has Blocked My Account Temporarily

Your question should also be how you can avoid this in the future. Try these solutions and once you try, you may solve the problem.

Prefer a Single Trusted Service

As there are many services providing you followers you may prefer a few of them at the same time. But that will be harmful to your account as it will exceed the total daily limit.

So, the best solution is to prefer one service at once. By the way, you shouldn’t log into your account while service is working.

You may use www.buyinstagramfollowers.org and see how well it does.

Stop Auto-Following People

You should stop auto-following to get rid of the situation. Don’t follow anyone even manually. Wait for a few days after your account has been unblocked.

For example, if you got a notification that your account will be blocked until Thursday, you should wait until Saturday.

Link Your Other Social Media Accounts

It is important to link your other social media accounts with Instagram so that you can earn trust. When you have other social media accounts linked to your profile, you seem more authoritative.

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In this way, you can prevent the most problems you might stumble upon.

Verify Your Information

You can verify your information such as e-mail, phone number. It is also a good way to earn trust.

If you fail to do this, you might lose all contact to your account and nothing can ever return it. Therefore, always have a backup plan on your mind.

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