How to Stop Twitter Emails (Get Rid of Annoying Notifications)

How to Stop Twitter Emails (Get Rid of Annoying Notifications)

One of the problems experienced by active email users is the dozens of emails sent from social media applications to their linked email addresses.

So, we want to teach you how to stop Twitter emails because Twitter sends you an mail whenever someone follows you, sends you a message, or likes your post. Briefly, Twitter sends you emails every time a new event occurs.

Many applications are sending a lot of unnecessary emails to us when we open an account, and they create mail pollution. Twitter users who are disturbed by this situation can block receiving these emails.

When you first sign up for Twitter, you may be happy to receive emails, such as someone who has followed you and liked your tweet.

However, when you receive many emails a day after a while, things can start to annoy you.

Because new followers or more retweets don’t matter anymore, and these emails that come continually makes it hard to find when you look for an important email.

This situation is not only bothering you but everyone, so we will show you how to turn off emails from Twitter today.

How to Change Your Email Preferences on Twitter

  1. Log in to Twitter.
  2. Go to your profile and click to Settings from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click to the ‘’Email notifications’’ from the sidebar.
  4. There are some shutdown options available. So if there’s an email type you don’t want to receive anymore, you can just turn it off.
  5. Click to the ‘’Save Changes’’ when you are done.

Alternatively, by clicking the unsubscribe link in the email footer, you can unsubscribe this notification type without entering your notification settings.

change your Twitter email preferences
  • By clicking the Turn Off button at the top, you can instantly stop all Twitter email notifications. When you select this option, you will no longer receive any email from Twitter except for important service announcements and administrative messages.
  • However, we do not recommend you to close all notifications completely. You may need some information about your Twitter account, so customizing your email notification settings to your liking and needs makes more sense than never receiving any mail.
Can I stop receiving emails from Twitter altogether?

Yes, you can do that. However, we do not suggest that as it will be hard to keep track of your insights.

Why is Twitter sending me email notifications in the first place?

Because you gave permission to them when you were signing up your account. They send these emails to keep you engaged with the platform.

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How to Stop Twitter Mails from Mobile App

Previously, we couldn’t change email preferences over the phone. We had to enter the site via a web browser from the phone and apply the same method as above.

However, we no longer need to do so. Because now we can change our email preferences via Twitter application as if we were on the computer.

  1. Open your Twitter application.
  2. Click to your profile photo and go to the ‘’Settings and Privacy’’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click to the ‘’Notifications’’ and choose ‘’Email notifications’’ under the Preferences heading.
  4. On the page that appears, you can turn off email preferences that you no longer wish to receive.
  5. You correctly managed to stop Twitter emails.

Furthermore, if you have an email account on your phone, you can also do the other operation mentioned above, on the computer. You can also open an email from Twitter and click to unsubscribe link at the end of the email. Therefore, that type of mail cannot be sent to you anymore.

If you did not fully understand the process, you can visit the Twitter Help page to erase your confusion.

Twitter email digest

What Is Email Digest on Twitter

Twitter now sends an email digest with all unread notifications about your account, rather than sending individual emails for each option, to send less mail to users. If you allow your settings to receive all individual event email notification types, you will receive the email digest. Alternatively, if you’ve previously selected to receive particular event email types for notifications from settings, you can receive these emails.

  • Go to your Settings and Privacy to check for receiving this email digest.
  • From the Email notifications tab, find the ‘’Email me when I have new notifications ” option and select or deselect it.
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