How to Retrieve Accidentally Deleted Instagram Account? (Updated – 2020)

How to Retrieve Accidentally Deleted Instagram Account? (Updated – 2020)

For users who accidentally deleted their Instagram account or did it on purpose, there is a way to restore an Instagram account. However, there are some strict rules about this situation, we’ll learn everything about it in this article.

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To recover your Instagram account without data loss, you should use the guidelines below.

How to Recover an Accidentally Deleted Instagram Account?

  • In order to recover an accidentally deleted Instagram account, you need to contact the Instagram technical support team.
  • On the page that opens you have to choose “My Instagram account is deactivated.” In the question form, select the answer No and click Send.
  • In the form that opens, fill in all the fields truthfully and completely.
how to retrieve an accidently deleted instagram account
  • Your name: in this field, you must enter your full name.
  • Your Instagram username: here you specify the username used to delete your account Instagram. Make sure that you enter the correct username.
  • Your e-mail address: here you must enter the email address used to sign in to Instagram.
  • What country do you write from: select your country from the list.

What Happens Now?

After sending the completed form to the Instagram technical support team, you will receive an email. This email contains a password consisting of numbers and a return address for communication.

To the specified address, you must send a password and a photo of the owner of the corresponding Instagram profile. Account recovery will be carried out within 3 days.

If the email from the Instagram technical support service says that your Instagram account was closed due to a violation of conditions, you need to resubmit the form.

Most often, the second time the Instagram support team will send a recovery code with a message saying that the user can restore their Instagram account.

Why Can’t I Restore My Account?

You can’t restore your Instagram account if:

  • It’s been more than 30 days since you deleted your Instagram account.
  • You have filled out your Instagram account profile with inaccurate or incomplete personal information.

In all other cases, it will be easy to recover a deleted Instagram account.

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  1. Hello,
    Has anyone reported back that this works for them. I’ve been trying for over a week to get help with this and cannot get a response at all other than them requesting the picture with the code. Do you have any other thoughts?

  2. FYI…I tried and tried and tried this for 3 weeks…it doesn’t work. Instagram did not help me at all and now my account is full on disabled with no chance of getting it back and it’s been less than 30 days.