How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Instagram: Some Tips

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Instagram: Some Tips

Did you ever felt the pain of being blocked on Instagram? If you did not, you might want to know if someone blocked you on Instagram, at any point.

With 800 million users, Instagram is the most widely used and known photo-sharing platform. It is a visual media platform that became quite popular in recent years.

The fact that it is a popular application used by almost everyone has made it a big part of the communication between people. In situations like these, there is always some possibility of unwanted actions.

For instance, you can get blocked on Instagram.

check your Instagram blockers

There are several reasons why users might block you on Instagram.

Some people choose to block their ex-lovers after breaking up; some people feel like certain individual users should not be able to see their feed and stories, and so on.

Is there are a third-party tool to see who has blocked me on Instagram?

Sadly, no. Apps claiming this service are usually spammy. It does not work because Instagram does not share that API information with developers.

We were following each other with someone. However, I do not follow them anymore, nor do they. Yet, I can see the person’s profile. Did I got blocked?

Yes, sadly, you were blocked by this person, and your block was immediately lifted back. As a term, we call this action ‘soft blocking.’

Whatever you might doubt whether someone has blocked you or just deactivated your account.  This article will explain to you how you get to know about blockers on Instagram.

How to Make Sure If Someone Has Blocked You on Instagram

Instagram or any other social network does not notify the users when they are blocked.

So when you search for someone, you can be faced with Instagram’s infamous ‘User not found’ error.

There are some possibilities.

One is either the user deactivated their Instagram account temporarily or deleted the account permanently; the second one is this user on Instagram has blocked you.

Here, we explain how to know if someone blocked on Instagram.

  1. To find out if you really did get blocked, firstly, you need to open up the official Instagram app.
  2. After type in the person’s name whom you think has blocked you.
  3. If the user’s profile and also their posts are visible, then you are not blocked if the account is open for display to the public, or you are following them.
  4. For private accounts, things are a bit different, however. If you see the profile status “This Account is Private,” then you can be sure that you did not get blocked.
  5. However, if you see their profile and their post count, but the area displaying the posts show no posted content, then sadly, you can be sure about that Instagram account has blocked you.
know if someone blocked you on Instagram

Some Tips to Consider When Hunting for Blockers

If the person who did block you uses a private account, even if you search for the person’s username, it might not appear in your search results.

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Therefore, you will not have a chance to find the person who blocked you.

  • Additionally, if someone blocks you, Instagram does not delete their old comments or tags from your profile.
  • If their profile is not accessible through search, you can use these old comments to visit their profile.
  • If the profile shows the post count without the posts appearing, then again yes, you have been blocked by that account.

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Other than that, if you have a second account in hand, you can quickly check if you did get blocked.

If the target username appears on a search result of your second account, but not shows up on the main one; indeed you have been blocked.

why someone might block you on Instagram


To conclude, there are various reasons why someone might block you on Instagram, but things can happen in life.

Also, to find you if you are blocked or not on Instagram, you do not need to use any third-party tools.

If you wish to do further research about this topic, you can check the official Instagram Help page to read more.

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