How to Grow Instagram Followers (9 Working Steps in 2019)

How to Grow Instagram Followers (9 Working Steps in 2019)

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Instagram has become the world’s largest photo and video sharing app. In this large massive, where more than 60 million photos are shared every day, everyone wants to become a popular user with a high number of followers and likes. Today, we will talk about how to grow Instagram followers and give you a few tips on how to organically promote your Instagram in this article.

How to Grow Your Instagram

Most users on Instagram have one goal: to grow Instagram followers. What we mean by growth is an increase in the number of your followers and an increase in the likes of your posts. There are many services on the market, such as applications that serve them. But before that, let’s see the organic ways first.

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How to Grow Your Instagram

How to Organically Grow Your Instagram

Increasing the number of followers on Instagram is no longer as difficult as you think. With these tips, you can grow your Instagram account organically.

  • Share regularly and be selective. Another way to increase your number of followers is to share periodically. Current and regular sharing on social networks is always loved and followed. Doing regular sharing doesn’t mean dozens of sharing every day. One of the most common mistakes made in social networks is to make dozens of consecutive shares. Most users don’t like this type of shares, and these shares can cause you to lose followers. In addition to regular sharing, take care to be selective. Share different and exciting photos instead of similar posts.
  • Pay attention to sharing times. According to the researches, the most commonly used hours of social networks are between 1 and 4 pm and 8 and 10 pm. If you want your shares to reach more people and increase your number of followers, you should follow these times and make your shares accordingly.
  • Comment and like other users’ posts. Like the shares of the people you follow and make the users happy by leaving a short comment on their sharing. If you replay this kind of likes and comments, and the same will be done to you after a while. Thus, another user who likes your comment can follow you or like your posts. This is one of the most used ways to get Instagram followers.
  • Use Instagram Stories. You can remind yourself to your followers by making daily posts on Instagram Stories and have other users reach your page. Besides, daily or short-time sharing will help to keep your page up-to-date.

How to Get a Following on Instagram

You can get followers by using some Instagram secrets and cheats or only by finding your friends. Let’s see what else you can do:

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How to Get a Following on Instagram
  • Use hashtags. As with all social networks, one of the must-have features of Instagram is hashtags. But to have the hashtags visible to everyone, your profile must not be private. Only people who follow you can see private profiles. Using hashtags will give you new followers and likes.
  • Be creative. Instagram is a community created to share the best moments of your life. Being creative always attracts the attention of people and makes it more exciting than ordinary photos. For this, bring your imagination and perspective to the forefront. If you share photos that someone else has shared by stealing them, this will be noticed in a short time.
  • Get support from other social networks. You can share your Instagram posts ( on other platforms. If you already have dozens of followers on your Facebook or Twitter account so that your followers on other social networks can follow you on Instagram.
  • Use Impressive Filters. Many of you have observed how boring or bad photos become vivid and impressive with Instagram effects. However, using only filters will not be enough for you to gain followers on Instagram. So you can use different photo editing techniques to attract attention, and even examine the most effective filters. For example, a company engaged in product marketing research on Instagram has announced that Mayfair is the most influential filter on Instagram.
  • Find your friends. And lastly, you can follow up on Instagram by finding people in your Facebook account or contacts that you don’t follow and grow Instagram followers.
Is it possible to quickly gain followers in one day?

Yes, but since the followers won’t be organic, the number of your followers is likely to drop rapidly over time. We recommend you to use natural solutions to increase the number of followers in your account.

If I follow a lot of people at once, will I get more followers?

Presumably, no. Furthermore, in addition to not being able to get followers, your account may be reported as spam if you follow more than fifty accounts within a minute.

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