How to Get Verified on Instagram (Blue Check Mark)

How to Get Verified on Instagram (Blue Check Mark)

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Verifying badge is a blue check mark that appears next to an Instagram account’s name to indicate that the person or brand is an authentic public figure, celebrity, global brand or entity. People put too much faith into a blue tick, could you wonder why?

According to official testaments of Instagram, Instagram verification can be granted to anybody and every Instagram user can apply to get theirs. Yet, it’s not all about followers as there are accounts with millions of followers yet do not possess a blue check mark.

According to the testament, for getting an Instagram verification, your account needs to be authentic, unique, complete and notable. Your account must be open to everyone and you have to rock a completed profile as you need a biography, a profile picture, and at least a post. Instagram indicates that you have to be highly notable and known. Also, they point out, Instagram officials check the applicants’ information on news sources for a glimpse of fame.

Yet people put different meanings on Instagram verification. For them it resembles legitimacy. It is highly unique and incredibly rare and as a result, it indicates being ‘someone’. Generally, highly influential celebrities and businessmen have it, that’s why people love the blue check mark and want to get it. (Instagram Support)

How to Become Verified on Instagram

Back then, there were no clear instructions about applying to get verified on Instagram, well, there wasn’t even an application. One day you wake up and you see the blue tick next to your name out of nowhere. It was like this back then but even then Twitter and Facebook had applications for verifying marks, yet Instagram did not. Not anymore.

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Now, as an individual or as a business, every entity can apply to get verified on Instagram. Instagram wants your account to be notable and hard to find with some parody and fan pages, that’s the whole point of the blue check mark. It’s here to point out that you’re the foresaid person, but you’re hundred-percent real. Fans looking for your account can be sure that it’s you and not some regular internet troll or scammer.

How to Verify Instagram Account

If you wish to get verified on Instagram, you can apply following the steps below but a friendly disclaimer is it’s not guaranteed that you’ll get Instagram verification.

  1. Open the official Instagram app and log in your account.
  2. Enter your own profile and tap on the three parallel lines on the top right of the screen.
  3. Tap on the gear icon on the bottom right.
  4. Find ‘Request Verification’ by scrolling in the menu and tap on it.
  5. Type in your full personal name and upload an ID to verify your identity.
  6. It’s done. Now it’s out of your control and it’s time to wait.

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How to Get Verified on Instagram (Blue Check Mark)
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