How to Delete Instagram Messages? (iOS, Android, PC Guide – 2020)

How to Delete Instagram Messages? (iOS, Android, PC Guide – 2020)

So today, we’ll explain how to delete Instagram messages.

Although Instagram is a photo and video sharing based application, it is also an application that allows users to chat instantly.

One of the features of Instagram is Direct Messaging, which allows you to share photos and videos in your instant chats as well as messaging, and makes a great convenience for people who use Instagram.

However, sometimes the message boxes can be overfilled and be a problem for users.

Therefore, users may want to delete messages as well as they may want to buy Instagram followers for the cheapest prices!

How Can I Delete a Message on Instagram

Time needed: 2 minutes.

It’s easy if you want to delete a message you sent to the person you’re talking to on Instagram.

However, if this person has already seen the message, deleting the message will only stop you from seeing it anymore, and the message will be still visible on the user’s message box unless the other user deletes it.

  1. Open the Instagram app.
    • First, open your Instagram app on your mobile device and go to the Direct Message section.
  2. Go to a conversation.
    • Go to the conversation, in which you want to delete a message.
  3. Tap to the Unsend option.
    • Click to the message which you want to delete, then you will see the Copy and Unsend options, touch to the Unsend option.
    • If you act quickly and the other user has not opened your message yet, this user will not be able to see this message.
    • If it is vital that the person you have sent the message shouldn’t see this message, you’ll need to be a bit hasty when applying this method. But remember, you can still delete the message even if the other party sees it.
    • After entering the direct message folder, you can delete the message by pressing it and choosing Delete from the options that appear.
    • Or you can also delete the message by scrolling to the left if you are using an iPhone.

How to Delete a Conversation on Instagram

If you want to delete the conversations you made on Instagram; you can only do this from your account. If you want a conversation to be removed completely, both sides must remove it.

  1. First, open your Instagram app on your phone and go to Direct Message from your Instagram account.
  2. Then touch the name of the contact in the message you want to delete, scroll to the left and click to the Delete button to delete the conversation.
  3. This deleted conversation will remain on the other user’s phone until the user deletes it.

How to Delete All the Conversation On Instagram

While users sometimes want to delete all the conversations at one time, Instagram can’t help their users about this situation.

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Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have a feature that deletes all the conversations at one time. To do this, you should search for this kind of application on the Google Play Store or App Store.

As a result of these searches, you can delete all your messages by downloading the resulting applications. Once the applications have been installed, you need to log in to your Instagram account and delete conversations using the corresponding menus.

Generally, the length of the operation varies according to the number of messages. If the number of messages is too high, the time will be longer.

However, we do not recommend such apps. The reason for this is that your Instagram password is shared with these applications.

Therefore, it is essential for you not to use such apps unless you are required to do so.

Can I use the Unsend feature for photos and videos on Instagram?

No, you can’t. This system does not work for photos and videos you send via Instagram Direct Message.

Because these photos and videos have already been programmed to disappear automatically after submitting, this means that the photos and videos you send will be lost after the person you’ve sent has seen them.

When I delete a message, does a notification go to the other user?


The infamous ‘’A message has been deleted.’’ notification you see when you delete a message in WhatsApp does not exist on Instagram.

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