How To Create a New Location on Instagram ?

How Do I Create a New Location on Instagram ?

This is very frequently asked question. We believe some of Instagram users alredy know how to create a new location on Instagram but we will make a description for who do not knows how to do that.

Instagram had eight hundred million users according to last statistics. Also it have five hundred million use for a day, it means five hundred million people uses Instagram in everyday. These numbers are very promising for overtaking to other world wide social media app Facebook.

As you know Instagram got sold to Facebook at 2012. Therefore they working together from the day of selling. There is one more info about this exchange and it is price of Instagram. Facebook had bought Instagram for one billion dollars.

Create a New Location on Instagram

There is just easy to do five steps for creating a new location on Instagram.

  • Get Facebook Mobile Application and Try To Make a Check In
  • Write Your New Location To Seacrh Bar
  • Tap To Blue + Box For Adding New Location
  • Select a Category
  • Final

Facebook Mobile

Lets get start with first step. We can not add new location in the Instagram. For adding new location you needto use Facebook mobile app and you also need to try to make check in like following image.


Add New Location Name

When you tap check in button Facebook will suggest some near by places. You need to write your own place’s name to search bar. Then there will a box appear.

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Blue + Box

In third step all you need to do is tapping blue + box for getting category page. But do not forget you can give a name your location just from here.


Select a Category

Selecting a category is so important for your location’s prestige. If your location is a shop or something like that you need to complate your doing with zero mistake. Choose right and relevant category on the page, also you can see what category they have by following image.


Final Step

In this step you just need to write your address, phone number, post code and ext… In the same page you can also add photo for your location. When you done with all these steps you can check in to Instagram with your new location.


How To Create a New Location on Instagram ?
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