How to Add a Link to Instagram Story? (Detailed Guide – 2020)

How to Add a Link to Instagram Story? (Detailed Guide – 2020)

In this article, we will explain in detail how to add a link to Instagram Story in particular.

From the moment the story feature has been offered to its users, Instagram has seen a significant increase in instant usage rates and continues to improve this feature.

Although you can edit your story as you like, it, unfortunately, limits the use of some services, such as linking, to all users.

How to Add a Link to Instagram Story

Why Should I Add Link to Instagram Story

Instagram Story, which allows Instagram users with business accounts to add links to stories, is very useful if you are using Instagram only for business.

If you are using Instagram for commercial purposes, you have only two options to redirect to your website:

  • The first option is to add a link to a website in your biography section.
  • And the other option is to add a link to your Instagram Story.

Since the number of links you add to your biography is limited, it is much more useful to use the story feature.

This feature allows you to add a link to your story and share it with your customers if you want to advertise a new product or let them know that you have a discount, so you don’t have to update the link in your biography continually.

How Can I Add Link to Instagram Story

To add links to Instagram stories, you must first pass at least 10,000 followers or have a verified account. If you have an account with less than 10,000 followers, unfortunately, you won’t be able to add links.

If your Instagram account is a business profile account and has at least 10,000 followers, this feature will be activated with the link icon that appears at the top right of the page when creating the story.

  1. Create a story.
    • First of all, log in to your Instagram account and create a story.
  2. Click the link icon.
    • When you open the story page, you will see a link icon in the top right corner of the screen where you add tags, positions, and text to the story. Click it.
  3. Enter the link.
    • After you click, enter the link you want to share with your followers.
  4. Press Done.
    • Click to the Done button and share the story. Now your story has a swipe-up link. That’s all!
How Can I Add Link to Instagram Story

If I don’t have 10,000 followers, can’t I add links in any way?

You can, but not in the same way; it’s still not possible to add a link to your Instagram Story. You can add a website link to your biography, or you can add a link using the IGTV feature.

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How to Add Link to IGTV

The logic of adding a link to IGTV is sharing the trailer of your videos, in fact, because Instagram stories allow a maximum of 15 seconds to announce your IGTV videos here as a trailer. To add a link to the story without 10,000 followers and business profiles, you must first be able to use IGTV.

  1. First of all, open your camera and record a minimum of 15 seconds of a video because IGTV accepts a video of at least 15 seconds.
  2. Seconds, open the Instagram app. When you open the application, at the top right, press the button directly next to the message button. Pressing this button will prompt you to use IGTV.
  3. In the new window that opens, click your profile photo. When you click here, you will see a plus sign in the right corner of the screen. Click on the plus and select your video from the gallery of your phone for at least 15 seconds.
  4. After you select the video, you can also select a cover photo, or you can hover over the video to make a framed photo. After completing these steps, you will see the window where you type the title and description. Write ‘’click to see the link’’, or something. In the Description section, copy and paste the link of the place where you want to link. Then share your IGTV video.
  5. You open the Stories section and then click the link add icon above. When you click the Add link icon, you will see your last IGTV video, click on that video, this means that you added the video from IGTV as a link. Now your swipe-up story is ready!

Why can’t I see the link icon in my Instagram Stories section?

The reason you can’t see the link insertion icon is probably because you don’t have one of these features.

  • The biggest reason you may not see the link insertion icon in the story section is that you don’t have a business profile.
  • Without being verified, or if you don’t have 10,000 followers, Instagram will not allow you to share a swipe-up story.
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