Here’s Why You Can’t Follow an Instagram Account (Updated – 2020)

Here’s Why You Can’t Follow an Instagram Account (Updated – 2020)

Some Instagram features, such as photo likes and follow-up, may sometimes be subject to various restrictions. The reason for these restrictions may be an excessive activity of your Instagram account, which is restricted. That may cause you to can’t follow an Instagram account.

Exceeding the established limits of subscribers and likes in a certain period of time may be one of the reasons why the account will be temporarily blocked.

How to Remove Temporary Blocking on Instagram?

Many users are looking for the answer to the question of how to remove the temporary blocking Instagram. The answer is simple: first of all, you need to avoid behavior that Instagram will consider as an illegal activity.

In order not to get a blocked account, you must follow some rules.

Those users who say “I can’t like photos in Instagram account” or “I can’t follow anyone on Instagram” should pay special attention to these rules.

What You Need to Pay Attention to the Account

Those users who are looking for answers to the questions “why can’t I follow my Instagram account” or “why can’t I like photos” should follow these rules.

  • The daily number of likes should not exceed 150.
  • The daily number of sharing photos should not exceed 50.
  • The number of accounts you can follow during the day should not exceed 500.
  • The number of likes for photos should not exceed 10 in 1 minute.
  • The number of accounts you follow should not exceed 20 within 1 minute.
  • You should use a maximum of 5 hashtags per photo.

If these conditions are not met, likes and following features for the Instagram account will be deactivated again.

I Waited for 48 Hours, Why My Instagram Account Is Not Activated?

The activation of Instagram accounts after blocking takes an average of 24 to 48 hours. Factors such as technical failures, the increase in the number of users and the density of user accounts can affect the activation time of the account.

If it’s been 48 hours but the photo following and likes features aren’t active, the user should contact Instagram support.

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