Remove Yourself As A Facebook Page Admin

Facebook has been known as a big social network for a long time. When it was first established, there were rare people who knew and used Facebook. But, it started to be common and has gained much popularity in time. Today it is one of the most preferred social networks with its millions of users around the world. Many users spend much time on Facebook while they share their moments, follow what their friends do, create Facebook pages, join those Facebook pages. Some of them create Facebook fan pages for business and they buy facebook page likes to their pages to earn more revenue.

How Can I Remove Myself As a Facebook Page Admin?

As we stated above, some people create Facebook pages for different purposes. But, sometimes they change their mind and want to delete their page or sell it to someone. When they sell it, they need to remove their admin user from their Facebook. However, they don’t know how to do that. In this article we will explain how to remove yourself as a facebook page admin.

Remove Your Admin User Step By Step

If you are the founder of the Facebook page, go to group. Then, find “members” and then “administrators”. When you click star symbol which is near the user, the related user’s administrator right will be removed. So, you need to click the star symbol which is near your name. Your administrator rights will be removed.

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Your Rights Will Be Gone

We should remind that your administrator rights of the related Facebook page will be gone when you remove your name. So, you should ensure before you do that. If there are some users that you want to remove or there are things to do about the page, do the things first.

Remove Yourself As A Facebook Page Admin
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