I Can’t Hear Voice During Video Call On Facebook Messenger

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Why Can’t I Hear The Voice Of Person That I Make Video Call On Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is the new app of Facebook which provides option for users to send messages to each other and also make video calls so that users not only use Facebook, but also use Facebook Messenger to send messages and make video calls. However, there may occur problems during video calls on Facebook Messenger. One of the most common problems is about sound. While users make video calls, one or both of them may not here the sound. We will explain the possible reasons below:

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There May Be a Problem With The App

In this case, you should remove the app first and download it again. Your problem will probably be solved. If the problem still goes on try the second step:

Tell The Person To Control The Settings

There may be a problem with sound settings. So you should both control the settings. Sound level might be too low or it may have been muted. When you open it, the problem will be solved.

I Can’t Hear Voice During Video Call On Facebook Messenger
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