How Are The Viewers Of Instagram Stories Sorted?

Instagram is the most commonly used social media app among the users. With its great features it has been so popular in recent times. One of those great features is stories. Since it got popularity very much, it is continued to be used by users and many stories are shared everyday. Since it is used that much, there has been some questions among the users. One of them is about the viewers of the stories. As it is commonly known, users can see who viewed their stories. Some of them wonder how are these viewers sorted. ın this article, we will explain the answer of this question.

How Are The Viewers Of Stories Sorted?

The viewers of the stories are sorted according to the time that they viewed it. In other words, when you share a story, the user who views it first will be at the top the list. So, you can know if there are new users who viewed your stories by looking at the bottom of the list. The latest viewers will be at the bottom of the list.

Can I Sort The List Of Viewers?

The list is sorted the way we explained above. There is no other way to sort the list of the viewers. So, it is good to check out the bottom of the list if there are new users who viewed your story.

What Is Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories is a platform that users can share their favourite photos or videos for 24 hours just they do it on Snapchat. Stories are deleted after 24 hours. Users can share their stories as well as see the stories of other users at the top of their screen. Simply they tap the icon of their friends and they can view the story of them.

How Are The Viewers Of Instagram Stories Sorted?
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