Time Spent on Instagram will be Calculate from on

Time Spent on Instagram

Time Spent on Instagram will be calculate from now on, Instagram updated almost every month and some of these updates are really useful.

Instagram will inform users that how much time they spend in the app, this normally is not a good updates for Instagram because users could be aware of that they spent too much time and try to decrease it.

But Instagram will not only use this options to inform users but also promote users who spent much more time.

This update will let users increase their Instagram rank just by surfing in the app.

Time spent

Insterestingly Mark Zuckerberg do not allow some updates come both Facebook and Instagram, as you all know sorting news feed as chronological options available on Facebook but not on Instagram.

Time spent calculator available on Instagram but not on Facebook, for now no one know the reason.

As Instagram tries to let users upload longer video the video fights between Instagram and YouTube will be harder.

Snapchat lets users play on stories but Instagram does not have an options like that we sure that Instagram work on this but for now Snapchat more develped than Instagram.

YouTube is the biggest video share platform and it is hard to fight with it Instagram should work a lot on this also.

Because of the lack of Instagram is too much against its opponent Instagram tries to cath up them by using new technologies and features.

As always users will be most disadvantage group of these fights because Instagram wants to users spent much more time in the app.

While users do not what Instagram wants their post will be less seen than before and this is disaster for accounts that have millions of followers.

To not get punished by new Instagram algorithms there are some way to do it but they take too much time and effort and some accounts owner cannot spent this much.

Another best and easiest way to get engagements which protect you punishing by Instagram algorithm is buy Instagram followers.

You can get more information from the video below about time spending on Instagram.

Time Spent on Instagram will be Calculate from on
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