How to Shut Off Instagram Autoplay ?

How to Turn Off Instagram Autoplay Feature ?

Instagram autoplay is, social media app Instagram’s video player feature and with this feature users can watch Instagram videos automaticly. But some users do not want to watch every Instagram videos automatically and we will tell how can you turn off autoplay feature in this article.

Instagram has so much intension in these days. This interest comes from Instagram’s breliant features. The social media app has over than seven hundred million user and it can reach a billion user to end of the year. This potential is so profitable for Instagram’s developers. But sometimes some users do not want changes like autoplay for some reasons.


Shut Off Instagram Autoplay

Autoplay feature plays videos automatically and some users use Instagram with mobile data and if they watch every video content in Instagram, their mobile data can be end before the get next data package. Therefore some Instagram user do not want to watch every video on their Instagram newsfeed. Now we will describe how can you shut off it.

For ios user: Tap to setting icon top right of the main page then open the setting. Find the cellular data use and tap on it. Then turn on use less data button. Thats it if you are using ios based Instagram app thats all.

For Android user: Tap to more options icon from top right corner of the page. Then find the cellular data use and tap on it. Activate the Use Less Data option and try to wacth Instagram videos automatically if you can’t watch then you did it right.

You can use less data when you use Instagram now and  your mobile data can be enough for all month now. If you want to use less data to all social media apps do not forget to check our blog in future.

How to Shut Off Instagram Autoplay ?
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