Screenshot Stories will not Notify the Content Owner from now on

Screenshot Stories Now Easier than ever

Screenshot Stories was notified the story owner and that is why most users did not take screen shot. Instagram provide more freedom and developmento the users.

This is interesting because last days intagram say they will notify users more about this kind of problem but now  they completely stop it to send notification.

Screenshot Stories and Privacy

Screenshot Sotires is something useless normally because it already have share button but some time actually most times people wants to download the content and send it to their friends.

Third party application also could take a screenshot and even Instagram will not realize that so the content owner would never learn it.

Instagram give up to sending notification to users instead of fighting with third party application.

Some of users are happy for this update but the other part of users sad because they will no longer get notification about screenshots.

Screenshot Stories

Instagram aims to increase its users number in the absence of any big opponent so it turn to another Facebook.

We can say that Instagram achieve this goal because more than 1 billion people download Instagram to their smart devices.

Because of that 1 billion people it turns to a great market place and everyday we saw ads in Instagram.

But there is a kind of ads it is pirate and Instagram does not do anything about that.

Some illegal product manufacturer agreed with Instagram famous and these famous advertise illegal produckt without no taxiation and safety agreement.

Instagram wants to eliminate those people but it is not esy and lots of them use private account that Instagram will be in troubla when they have been checked.

Screenshot Stories will not Notify the Content Owner from now on
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