How To Report An Underaged User On Instagram

Instagram has been the most popular social media platform since it was published. It has millions of users today. However, children may sign up on Instagram while they show their age older. According to the rules children between 13 years old can’t sign up a website and Instagram is included in them. It is possible to report those underaged users on Instagram.

How Can I Report An Underaged User On Instagram?

It would be the right thing to report an underaged user on Instagram. We will explain how to do it step by step:
Open a new blank page on web browser, clear the address field, write “″ and write Enter.
A new page including the title “Report An Underaged Used” will appear.
There is an explanation below the title. It is said that if you think the user is under 13 or he has a fake profile of your child under 13 years old, you can fill this form to report him. You will see a form below the explanation.
The username of the account that you want to report: Write the username that belongs to the account.

Give The Details About the Account

Name and surname of the person that you want to report: You need to write the name and surname of the user that you want to report.
Birthday of that person that you want to report: Enter birthday information of him.

Your Relationship With The User

Your relationship with this person: If he is one of the members of your family you can check the appropriate option for you.
You will see an information below the form. It is said that they will delete the account if that account belongs to a child and his age can be approved. They also explain that you won’t get a notification e-mail when the account is deleted. However, you won’t see the account. It is important to fill all fields in the form. After you finish, you can click Send.

How To Report An Underaged User On Instagram
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