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Buy Facebook Likes

Do you want to get more likes on Facebook? Our service provides you Facebook likes according to your needs. It includes post/photo likes, fan page likes, video views, followers and 5 star ratings.

How to buy post/photo likes

When you click “Real” button you will see two fields. You need to write the link of your post/photo you want to buy likes for. Then, enter the amount of likes. You can write between 25 and 50,000. When you complete these fields total cost will appear below.

What are the advantages of post/photo likes

While you buy post/photo likes, they will be reached more people. That will increase the popularity of your post/photo directly and also your profile indirectly. Because, when they like your single post they may want to see more and check out your Facebook profile. In this way, you may get new followers.

How to buy Fan Page Likes

First, you need to click “Bot” button. As soon as you click, you will see two fields. You need to write the link of your Facebook fan page and how many likes you want to buy. Once you complete those fields, total cost will appear on screen.

What are the advantages of Fan Page Likes

Our service provides bot likes to your fan page. Although they aren’t real likes, they will make your profile seem popular and will take people’s attention. Once they are interested in your profile, they can like or follow your fan page. So, you will have followers in an indirect way.

How to buy Facebook Video Views

When you click “Real” button two fields will appear below. You need to write the link of your Facebook video you want to buy views for. Then, write how many likes you want to buy. When you complete these fields, you will see total cost below.

What are the advantages of Real Facebook Video Views

You will have great benefits when you buy Facebook video views. Your videos will be seen by real Facebook users. The more you buy views, the more people will see your videos. So, your videos will be popular. In this way, you can also have new followers.

How to Buy Facebook Followers

You need to click “Real” button. Then, you will see two fields. You need to write the link of Facebook profile you want to buy followers for. After that, write how many followers you want to buy. The number must be between 200 and 100,000. Keep in mind that Facebook followers can only be sent to profiles, not pages.

What are the Advantages of Real Facebook Followers

When you buy our service, you have real Facebook followers. They can like and share your posts so that you can reach more people and have new followers. Your profile will be more active with followers.

However, there is risk of decrease as they are real users. They may unfollow you whenever they want. So, we always send you 25% more followers.