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What Are Instagram Stories?

What Are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories started as a similar feature to Snapchat's, but after four whole years of story-sharing, it has become a crucial part of our social life. Five hundred million Instagram users daily use Instagram Stories for sharing information, goofiness, and enjoyment. But what is the Instagram Story feature that we hear so much about? 

Instagram Stories lets Instagram users post photos and 15-seconds videos, along with many stickers and tags like weather, time, or location. It has become a great way to boost an account's engagement. If the account is public, anyone who is browsing on Instagram can view the stories, but if the account is private, only the followers of the account can see them.

Download Instagram Stories

What Is Instagram Story Downloader?

Sometimes we want to download stories that are inspirational, or stories that we want to keep and view offline as they will disappear 24 hours later they were posted. As we can not download stories other than ours', BuyInstagramFollowers provides its users an Instagram Story Downloader. With this feature, you can anonymously download your friends' or your favorite celebrity's stories without a trace. You can easily save the fantastic stories from other creators to save them for offline viewing. You do not need to install anything on your phone or your PC; it is simple and useful. 

You can also use Instagram Story Downloader to view an account's stories anonymously as the owner of the account can see who viewed their story on Instagram.

How To Download Instagram Stories

How to Download an Instagram Story?

You do not need to install anything on your phone or your PC; the Instagram Story Download tool on BuyInstagramFollowers is easy and helpful. Follow the steps down below and anonymously download or view an Instagram user's stories.

  1. Enter the username of the account that you want to review the stories of. Ensure that the account is public, though; third-party applications can not review private accounts' stories. 
  2. Click "Download" and wait a few seconds until our tool finds all the eligible stories that can be downloaded.
  3. Review the available stories and download the one you like!

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Frequently Asked Questions

As you may expect, they won't know you were the viewer. We have tons of random accounts and we use these accounts to fetch Stories from Instagram.

No, your account is entirely unrelated to this process. Therefore, we never ask for your password or email address. All you have to provide is the username of the target Instagram user.

All your downloads are automatically saved in the Downloads folder.

All your downloads are instantly saved in your Photos or Gallery, or another folder for web Downloads. Th,s depends on the OS your phone has.

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Download Instagram Stories on BIF

Great tool! Well, we need one that can download in bulk. Is that up next?

Download Instagram Stories on BIF

This is great. Never knew that you can view stories anonymously.

Download Instagram Stories on BIF

I downloaded all of my stories one by one. Never had a problem with it.

Download Instagram Stories on BIF

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Download Instagram Stories on BIF

No loss of quality applied to the story I downloaded. Thanks a lot for looking after us.