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How to Download Instagram Stories on PC?

Instagram Stories started off as a similar feature to Snapchat’s but after four whole years of story-sharing, it has become a crucial part of our social life.  400 million Instagram users daily use Instagram Stories for sharing information, goofiness, and enjoyment.

Yet, this feature also has brought a question with itself. Is it possible to download stories on PC? As we know, Instagram stories are not open to download on the official mobile app and they disappear to other users after 24 hours of presentation if it is not intended to stay permanently in ‘Highlights’. Other than the official app, some third-party plugins claim to do that job but you wouldn’t want to give your sensitive information to them as they may intend harm and scam.

Download Instagram Stories

After all, it is possible to download Instagram stories for free with our simple, little tool. All you have to do is follow the steps below and we will handle the rest for you.

Free Download Instagram Stories

  1. Open our free Instagram stories download tool.
  2. Enter the username of the account you want to download IG stories from.
  3. Click ‘Download’.
  4. It is done!

How To Download Instagram Stories

Yes, it's possible to view someone else's Stories anonymously with our free tool. Also, you can download the Story, but the target won't know that you were the one that viewed their Stories.

As you may expect, they won't know you were the viewer. We have tons of random accounts and we use these accounts to fetch Stories from Instagram.

No, your account is entirely unrelated to this process. Therefore, we never ask for your password or email address. All you have to provide is the username of the target Instagram user.

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Download Instagram Stories

Great tool! Well, we need one that can download in bulk. Is that up next?

Download Instagram Stories

This is great. Never knew that you can view stories anonymously.

Download Instagram Stories

I downloaded all of my stories one by one. Never had a problem with it.

Download Instagram Stories

Finally!! A tool specially designed for stalkers lol. You got me there.

Download Instagram Stories

No loss of quality applied to the story I downloaded. Thanks a lot for looking after us.

Download Instagram Stories

What a great page. You can download stories anonymously. That's all. That's the review.