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Buy Instagram Real Likes For Multiple Pictures

Our service provides you to buy likes for one picture as well as to buy Instagram Real Likes For Multiple Pictures. First, you need to choose if you want to buy likes for the pictures you will upload or for those you currently have. Once you make your choice, there will appear options on the screen. You need to write your Instagram username, photo quantity (the number of photos, that must be between 5 and 10000), likes per photo (that must be between 50 and 20000). As soon as you complete those fields total likes and total amount will appear below.

Ensure that when you buy Instagram real likes for multiple pictures, all likes you get will be real. Of course it is a good way of promoting your pictures as they will be viewed by more people. If you have bot likes they will be hidden from visitors with these real likes. There will be no decrease. Because people may unfollow accounts but they never dislike posts. Even if you lose your likes, we can send you more likes.

We have a fast system. Orders are taken into queue in very short time. Once we start your process, it will take between 15 and 30 minutes.

Buy Instagram Bot Likes Multiple Photos

You can buy instagram bot likes multiple photos with our service so that you can have many likes in very short time. It is easy to buy likes on our system. First, you need to choose if you want to buy likes for pictures you will upload or for your existing pictures. Once you make your choice, 4 fields will appear. You are wanted to complete those fields including your instagram username, photo quantity and likes per photos. Ensure that your account is safe as we never ask your password. You can write how many photos you will buy likes for and how many likes you want to buy for each photo. Once you write these, you will see total likes and total amount below.

When you buy instagram bot likes multiple photos you will get bot likes that are sent via software for your each photo. Although they aren’t real likes, your profile will look as if it is popular so that it may take attention of people and they may follow you. Another advantage is that they are cheaper. There is also no risk of decrease. However, we guarantee that we will compensate your lost likes in case there is a decrease.


Instagram post likes are so important for be known on Instagram. Becasue of that users needs more likes for more Instagram posts. If you want to buy Instagram likes to your several posts you can use this multi post like system.


Multi likes provide more Instagram likes to your more than one or five posts like with its system. You just need to select which post should get likes then the system does everything itselves.

Enter the page and select real user likes or realistic looking user likes then choose type of your posts. You can select two type of posts here. First one for existing post and the second one for next posts.

After the selection, give your username to system and write how much post you want to get likes. Write how much likes do you want per post and get ready for the payment.