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Monthly Automatic Likes

To buy Instagram monthly automatic unlimited likes please contact with our customer support team.

Buy Instagram Likes

Our service provides you service to increase your Instagram likes. You can get many likes in a short time.

What is Our Service

Our service provides you different options. You can buy Instagram likes to one photo or more than one photo according to your choice.

How to Buy Instagram Likes To One Photo

First, you need to click “One Photo” button. Then you need to choose if you want to buy real or bot likes. When you click on “Real”, two fields will appear. You need to write your link of Instagram photo you want to buy likes. Then, write the amount of likes you want to buy. You can write between 50 and 20,000. As soon as you write the amount, total cost will be shown below.

If you want to buy bot likes you need to click on “bot” button. When you click, same fields will appear and the process is same.

Then you can click Add to Cart or buy Now buttons to make the payment. After you make the payment, we take your order and start your process.

How to Buy Likes to More Than One Photo

If you need likes to more than one photo you can click “Auto-like” button. Then, you need to choose if you want to buy real or bot likes. You also need to choose if you want to buy likes to pictures you will upload or picture you already have. When you make your choice three fields will appear.

You need to write your Instagram username, photo quantity and likes per photo. Photo quantity is that how much photos you want to get likes. You can write between 5 and 3000. Likes per photo is related to how many likes you want to get per photo. You can write between 50 and 20,000. When you write these, total cost will appear below and you can make the payment.

Why should Prefer Instagram Real Likes

Real likes are made by real Instagram users. In this way, more people will view your posts and you may get more likes. If they like your posts they may check out your profile and you can get new Instagram followers. It is also good way of hiding bot likes.

Why Should Prefer Bot Instagram Likes

Bot Instagram likes are sent via software. Although they aren’t made by real users they seem real. You can take the advantage to make your posts seem popular. So, that may take attention of Instagram users. They can check out your profile and follow you.

Our Service Is Fast

As soon as you make the payment, we take your order and start your process. You get your likes in between 15 and 30 minutes.

Your account and credit card is Safe

We don’t ask your password so that your account is safe. Your credit card is also safe as it is kept in secure.

Live Support

You can take our support 7 days and 24 hours in a week via Skype or Whatsapp.

About The Instagram Likes Service

This service increases the amount of likes on your uploaded pictures at the lowest prices. As long as your pictures get likes, other users will see these likes and they, too will begin to like your pictures increasing the amount of likes your pictures receive.

Why are Instagram Likes Important?

Instagram Likes don't only improve the amount of likes on the pictures you share on Instagram but they also show your pictures to other users who don’t know your profile yet. In this way, the people who follow you but haven’t seen your pictures yet will be informed that you shared new pictures. Additionally, it will make your profile increasingly popular among other users.

How does the Instagram Likes Service Work?

First, you have to choose one of two options: 1. Likes for a Single Picture, 2. Likes for Numerous Pictures. Then you have to choose between: 1. Likes from Real Profiles 2. Likes from Realistic Looking Profiles.

Finally you will choose between Likes For Future Pictures or Likes For Existing Pictures and enter the amount of likes you need and your Instagram username.