What Is Differences Between Snapchat And Instagram ?

Why Snapchat And Instagram Are Rivals ?

Social media is new world order. World changing manual from to digital and this process sometimes can be crucial. Social media’s best apps Snapchat And Instagram sharing their trumps on the digital field.

Snapchat And Instagram most popular social media apps on the world. But Instagram a little bit further from Snapchat. Last year Instagram reached 700 millions users, but Snapchat has almost 180 million users by now. There are 400 million users difference between them. It makes Instagram more succesfull than Snapchat.

Instagram started its journey in 2010 and first post of Instagram posted by co-founder  of the app Kevin Systorm. Kevin pasted his doggo’s picture. It was a cornerstone for Instagram’s journey. Then Instagram growed like a rocket-launch speed.


Snapchat Founded 1 Year Later Than Instagram

Snapchat started the race at the second pole possition. Because Instagram founded 1 year ago from it. But in 2016 amazing thing happened Snapchat reached 100 millions users and rivalry rise its fire. Instagram’s founders Mike and Kevin sold their perfect business plan to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook in return of 300 millions dollars.

That made Facebook company most biggest social media company in the world. But that sale does not mean Mike and Kevin will get retired from Instagram. They are still working for their first successful social media app.

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When Snapchat got 100 million users, Instagram started consider its future. Instagram devolopers made a risky decision and they announced Instagram history feature. That announcement started another discussion, the inspiration was too much and it could be stealing.


Snapchat History Versus Instagram History

Snapchat and Instagram like enemies resembling each other. The Snapchat offers its users private chat and private photo sharing and also it has a photo and video news feed. In Snapchat you can add other users by their nicknames or their cell phone numbers. That so easy to use usage made hundreds of millions users.

Instagram also offers its followers to sharing photos and videos but first Instagram version just allowed users to share publicly sharing. When Snapchat’s private policy got so much hits Instagram and Facebook found a great idea, copying Snapchat’s private useage. In 2016 Instagram released a history update, and they made some little updates and made Instagram story feature same with Snapchat story feature.

Main idea is more users and more followers if you want more follower you can buy Instagram followers.



What Is Differences Between Snapchat And Instagram ?
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