What If I Delete Instagram?

There are millions of users using Instagram and most of them like it very much. Being such a powerful social media platform, Instagram has been part of our lives. However, sometimes people may want to delete it due to various reasons such as being bored, losing interest etc. So, we have collected some questions that people ask much. If you have questions about deleting Instagram you can take a look at our article.

Does Deleting the Instagram App on My Phone Also Delete My Account?

The answer is definitely no. When you delete your Instagram app on your phone, the app will be gone, nothing more. All your pictures, videos and contacts related to your account will still be there as they are kept in Instagram’s servers. You only view copy of your pictures and videos related to your Instagram on your phone. If you want to delete all of them completely you need to close your account.

How Can I Delete My Instagram Account

First of all, we want to say clearly that you don’t need an email support to delete your Instagram account. There is an explanation which has been made by Instagram support team related to this issue. They claim that they can’t delete an account for security reasons. You can delete your account only if you log into your account and they warn that once you delete your account it won’t be reactivated again. So, if you have made up your mind and want to delete your account click this link.

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How Can I Disable My Instagram Account?

You have a second option, you can disable your Instagram account and reactivate it when you want again. To do this log into your account, click on “edit profile”. You will see “Temporarily disable my account” option there.

What If I Delete Instagram?
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