Users Spends Money On Instagram

Instagram Users Spends More Money But Less Time In App

Social media users inclinable to spend money on online shopping. But this new stats says users also inclinable to spend money on Instagram , Facebook and Twitter.


In 2016 stats shows us to people how much time spends on social media apps. And numbers are very promising for social media companies. Every social media user spent %11 of his time using social media app but in 2017 this numbers fell so fast. In 2017 numbers fell to %6. But included with Instagram the companies have reached their most profit years at all time.

Instagram mostly have teenager users. Who still at high school or college are clients of Instagram. This keeps Instagram developers young-minded. App market growing day by day and it means they are making good profit.

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Apps Made 158 Millions

Last year app market increase his profit 8 million dolar more. In 2016 app market made 150 million dollar profit but users started to use apps less than last year in 2017. No one can believe but people spent less time but more money in 2017. Apps made 158 million dollar profit in 2017, the user behavior shows opposite but apps making more money than last year.

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Internet users use mostly e-commerce apps like amazon or alibaba in 2017 and 2016. This means trade or apps has unstoppable growth rate. Customers or app users most likely pays with mobile payment systems. Apple pay and Samsung pay can gets most of credit about paying mobile.

Spends Money On Instagram

Lifestyle Apps Fell Too Hard

Apps shaping theirselves with users activity. Last year users did not buy so much thing on sports apps, photography apps, games apps and lifestyle apps. This means magazine business losing his market in online marketing. Media, magazines and ebooks selling lesser in every year.

Flurry made this stat work with one million online app user. And conculations are very clear. People wants fast consume contents and they takes less time but paying more.


Users Spends Money On Instagram
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