Unfollowers Check Applications and Analyzing Folowers

Unfollowers Check Applications

Instagram one of the biggest photo and video sharing applicaitons but it still has some deficiencies, yes we are talking about unfollowers check applications and 3. party apps meet this need of users.

Sometimes users unfollow you for some reasons, but Instagram do not notify you about that unfollowing.

Instagram just show you your followers count and it is hard to keep in mind all of your followers.

The biggest problem of 3. party application is Instagram’s high level security policy. When you use an application about analyze users but you realize that it is not work most probably it is about Instagram API.

There are some other applications that work correctly with Instagram and give you the correct results.

Here is some of them;

Follow Meter for Instagram

Follow Meter provides you Instagram insight users activity and your popularity according to your activity. Follow Meter will asked permission to connect your Instagram account and to connect the app.

When you use Follow Meter you will see a dashboard that inform you about your followers and your activity.

Follow meter also show lost followers which is the point of you will downloaded it.

The Application available on iOS and Android platform.

Follow Cop

Follow Cop has more control on analyzes, this make it the best tracking app, but it is only available on Android platform.

Follow Cop provides you to control your followers on the app and has detailed list about them.

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Follow Cop lets you follow back or unfollow user on its platform.

One of the best part of the Follow Cop is you can stop your followers to follow you. It is not ban but thay just do not follw you.

It can connect up to 3 Instagram accounts at the same time and give you best results as they can.

If Instagram do not develop an application of analyzing followers those apps will rise day by day.

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